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    1. Mashy hobo bag

    2. - 49 %
    3. Axy shoulder bag

    4. Bowling bag

    5. - 58 %
    6. - 45 %

      Janis anti-theft backpack

    7. Lemi backpack-bag

    8. - 62 %

      Janis shopper bag

    9. - 55 %

      Pistel shopper bag

    10. - 50 %
    11. Madelina shoulder bag

    12. Cline shoulder bag

    13. - 17 %

      Lattuadata shoulder bag

    14. - 45 %
    15. - 35 %
    16. - 31 %
    17. - 46 %

      Caches pencil case

    18. - 43 %
    19. - 45 %
    20. - 40 %
    21. - 57 %

      Joan baguette bag

    22. - 42 %

      Fred men's shoulder bag

    23. - 50 %

      Anton vanity case

    24. - 48 %
    25. - 56 %

      Moby men's purse

    26. - 56 %

      Sir men's purse

    27. Nick men's toiletry bag

    28. Nick men's shoulder bag

    29. Nicks men's computer bag

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    We know you've been holding back a lot so you don't make exorbitant shoppings during the year. We know that you have hundreds of models with their respective accessories.

    And that's why we know you've been looking forward to this moment: You can now prepare your list, because THE SALES... they're already here!

    Your favourite bags are now on sale! Find out discounts up to 70% of the most desirable bags, suitcases and backpacks ⚡ Don't wait any longer! The sales is valid from today 27 Decembre 2022 until 5 March 2023 in the online store

    Offers may vary in physical shops and online shop.

    MISAKO reserves the right to modify the conditions of the sales at any time.



    The Misako sales are the moment when price and product are aligned to give you their best version looking for a second chance. Shoppers, mini bags, purses, laptop bags, shoulder bags... Your favorite fashion accessories with your favorite discounts.


    In addition, we have the most sought travel accessories at irresistible prices. Backpacks, travel bags, suitcases, toiletry bags, organizers... The discounts will help you give free rein to your imagination and plan the trip of your dreams with all the details.


    Buying in the Misako sales is an assured success and you will find everything. From the TOP SALES of the season to the most exclusive products of which we always try to reserve some stock.



    If you want to know how to buy accessories on sale without losing your head (or burning your card), you should take into account these tips and advice:

    Think about on your clothes and style

    If you want your new purchases not to be abandoned in the closet and with the label on (which seems to us a real sin!), you must keep in mind the use you are going to give to your accessories and the clothes with which you are going to combine them.

    Create looks or look for inspiring photographies to see which materials, colors and designs will be most flattering. And don't forget about size! A party bag will not need the same capacity as your office bag.

    Don't lose sight of the basics

    Following the previous concept, choosing basic accessories is a safe bet. Black, camel color, raw tones, gray... These colors are easily combined with almost everything.

    We could consider that a basic is a must in any closet, don't you think?

    Give yourself the whimsy you deserve

    The rules are there to be broken so, in between all the design and basic color, be free and add a little life. Printed backpacks, textured bags, animal print accessories, nylon shoulder bags... Anything goes!

    Red labels are the perfect excuse to risk and make all those impossible things come true.

    Short term gifts?

    The sales are the perfect moment to think about future gifts, maybe there are still a few weeks left and you weren't thinking in that expense right now, but... think about all the time and money you're going to save!


    Renew your favorites

    Do you know how to recognize a favorite? It's always the worst looking accessory in your closet. We know you love it, and that's why we don't want you to give it away. Simply renew it with the same or similar color. We know that, deep down, you hate that worn-out color.

    Set a budget

    Be realistic. No, seriously... Look at your account, contemplate your next expenses and from there, decide how much you're going to invest in the sales. Once you've set your budget, stick to your decision and don't spend more than you agreed. Even if you think that "one more won't hurt" at the end of the month, you'll be thankful you didn't give in.