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      Small rigid suitcase

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    Our small suitcases. Cabin spirit!

    If you have come so far for sure you love travelling as much as we do. You also have a cabin spirit! And if you are adventurous and you love doing low cost trips and short breaks, an essential above all is one of our cabin bags or small suitcases. They could not miss in our collections!

    Furthermore, our cabin bags are a best seller, and not only they have the perfect measures to travel without check-in, but they have a unique style and a lot of personality. That's why you fall in love with them!

    Boho inspiration, retro and posh

    In Misako we have a lot of personality, so our small suitcases should be no less. And they have what we love for all our accessories, sets and collections; a nostalgic touch, but also very fine and sophisticated lines.

    The prints will be a pattern that marks almost the total of our collection, the florals, borders and vintage motives are something that gives a special aura to our suitcases. Besides, we use a waterproof and satin finish on many of our models of this style, so the final view of an article is a very cool and flirty style. And retro!

    In addition, this kind of finishes give it a lot of versatility, because it will be very easy to wash and much more resistant to snagging or fraying as with other fibres and fabrics. But not everything is the same style, in Misako we also want to accompany you on your business trips or if you prefer a more sophisticated and discreet touch. That's why we also have a large range of cabin luggage in black, blue, grey and neutral tones in general. Suitable for men if you are looking for a gift for him in a male line or maybe you are looking for a simple suitcase but not less attractive one for woman.

    Premium quality for tourist class

    Our suitcases not only share style but also have everything you need a suitcase to be comfortable, lightweight and versatile in your travels. The trolley, wheels, size and measurements are designed and created to be a top luggage: low weight, resistance and softness of moving. And with a lot of style!

    In addition, all our fabrics and materials are meticulously chosen that all our suitcases and accessories have a surface and quality finish, soft and durable. Going together with you on many trips!

    As if that were not enough, our small suitcases also have older sisters, so you can collect all the luggage of the same style. For longer getaways and more luggage! You can combine with the travel bag, hand luggage, large suitcase and even toiletry bag, backpack, bags, laptop cases and many more accessories. So perfect as gift!  

    Still have not decided which of our bags will go with you on your next trip? Check our entire range of products in our online store and receive it in a few days with all the guarantee, price and quality offered by our online store and shipping. Are we going on a trip together? ;)