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    1. Presley party bag
    2. Geva bolso de fiesta tipo sobre
    3. Umam bolso de fiesta
    4. Umam party bag
    5. Mavis party handbag with handle
    6. Dolly tote bag with shoulder strap
    7. Stardusty shoulder bag
    8. Essential shoulder bag
    9. Olan men's shoulder bag with printed shoulder handle
    10. Simonetta padded shoulder bag
    11. Espiga houlder bag
    12. Espiga bolso bandolera
    13. Jacq shoulder bag
    14. Emanda bolso bandolera con cadena de nylon
    15. Emanda nylon chain shoulder bag
    16. Patty shoulder bag with double handle
    17. Debbie shoulder bag with quilted chain
    18. Kradi-R bolso bandolera en nylon reciclado
    19. Kradi-R recycled nylon shoulder bag
    20. Vina-1 party bag
    21. Vinaya party bag
    22. Vina party purse
    23. Madelina shoulder bag
    24. Umam-1 party bag
    25. Cline shoulder bag
    26. Umam party bag
    27. Blacky party bag
    28. Liora small shoulder bag
    29. Estels nylon shoulder bag
    30. Camilles shoulder bag with hand strap
    31. Chaco party bag with strap
    32. Fancy small tote bag with shoulder handle
    33. Dobito shoulder bag with hand strap
    34. Dean shoulder bag with hand strap
    35. Gambier tote bag with hand strap
    36. Goji printed shoulder bag with hand strap
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    At Misako we also think that the best perfumes come in small bottles, so a basic in your wardrobe should be one of our mini bags. Many times, we prefer to carry a practical small bag where just what we need fits, without neglecting elegance. If you need a practical accessory to carry your essentials, the mini bag is perfect for you.

    Misako's mini bags have become the ideal complement for all kinds of looks: you can choose between comfortable shoulder bags and clutches of all colors, shapes and styles, with adjustable straps for maximum comfort or with a metal chain for looks more sophisticated. Misako's smaller bags are in fashion.

    It will be an ideal bag style to go out for a while on weekends, only carrying the mobile, the keys and some other essential. In addition, it will take away a lot of volume and give you an air, more casual and lighter. We love our mini bags!

    Also ideal for spring and summer when we already wear fewer warm clothes, opens your happiest looks with one of our die-cut, pastel-toned bags. You can take them to others as a handbag or with one of our complementary shoulder strap handles.

    Small-scale Misako style

    How could it be otherwise, at Misako we take advantage of even the smallest opportunity (as in this case) to show that we love what we do. Our smallest bags are one of our top style and therefore also one of our top sales.

    We don't stop finding more lines retro with reds, yellows, and more vivid colors with more satin finishes, similar to patent leather or in finishes similar to high quality leather. Combined with one more way rigid and large flaps there is a bag with an haute couture result at a very affordable price that you will always want to carry with you.

    We also have styles, more fluid and natural in fabrics similar to peach, suede or split leather. Ideal to wear with jeans and adapting to any casual or boho look. For this line we have opted more for chocolates and bright fabrics in Jacquard or die-cut in pastel colors.

    On the other hand, you will always find much more minimalist models, in very neutral colors like black, ideal to wear in your day to day and combinable with any look even partying without the need to carry a more ornate party bag or handbag with all the style you were looking for.

    In addition ,are also ideal as travel or weekend accessories, taking the necessary things such as identification, mobile and money become a basic in the queues at the airport. You can also combine them! Travel in style by adding to your mini bag a small purse, your suitcase, the backpack, a waist bag or a toiletry bag and... The accessories you want! All our accessories are designed to be perfectly combined with many more items of the same pattern and collection.

    Great quality in small accessories

    Like all of our other items, our mini bags are also a synonymous with quality and work done with love. That is why each one of them is the result of a study of trends and an ideal tailoring work so that a perfect complement for you and adapted to your needs reaches your hands. The style, quality and resistance, they are aspects that come to define us. Be sure to visit the rest of our models of women's bags.

    Haven't you chosen your mini bag yet? Check now our shipping policy and all the information you need. You will receive your purchase in a few days from our online store!