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  1. Matt pendientes
  2. Piedri Earrings
  3. Cardio Pendientes
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  5. Ruperta Collar
  6. Motive Bracelet
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Misako Jewellery, with own identity

In Misako we know that jewels are a gift and a whim that will always remain in time, so we could not resist creating our own jewellery line. Always with everything that characterizes us!

When we create this kind of accessories we always tried to design collections of "high imitation jewellery", a high quality work, with beautiful and meticulous details. Besides, far from too expensive materials such as stones and noble metals is a beautiful, natural and quality material.

Our idea is that you can wear a nice costume item with a real and competitive price. We are different of other brands!

In addition, we have taken great care to design and choose the costume jewellery for women that we would like to wear. That's why our entire catalogue is beautiful!
Enjoy choosing from our range of rings, necklaces, chockers, bracelets ... And much more! Our creations adapted to new trends, that's why we will always have that perfect element and maybe even the one you were looking for. We love being up to the latest! Composed chokers, necklaces, rings with hippy touches and bracelets with imitation leather. Nothing gets past!

 Costume jewellery that approaches the amulet

As you well know, in Misako we don’t settle for a little, that's why our costume jewelry is made, not only by metals and alloys of colors and tones that you will love: old silver, darkened gold, gold and bright bronzes, etc.

We also love mates, very natural and often unpolished textures. With a lot of personality! In addition, we wanted to play with fibers, stones, wood and rough crystals.
These touches give our jewelry a gnostic, classic and irresistible vintage touch ... We want to be the new lucky charm or jewel! And the quality of our jewelry makes it an irresistible gift.