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    1. Cline shoulder bag

    2. Borely hobo bag

    3. Mashy hobo bag

    4. - 55 %

      Marilyn shopper bag

    5. - 29 %
    6. Liora shopper bag

    7. Brianda hobo bag

    8. - 62 %

      Janis shopper bag

    9. - 59 %
    10. Cremi shoulder bag

    11. Pandori shoulder bag

    12. Pandor shopper bag

    13. Madelina shoulder bag

    14. Gravi-1 shoulder bag

    15. - 31 %

      Maupi men's shoulder bag

    16. - 49 %
    17. - 23 %

      Stardust shopper bag

    18. Dragon shopper bag

    19. - 33 %

      Talina shoulder bag

    20. - 17 %

      Lattuadata shoulder bag

    21. Gonu padded shoulder bag

    22. - 47 %

      Slash shoulder bag

    23. Slash-1 shoulder bag

    24. Tachitas shoulder bag

    25. - 15 %

      Luther shoulder bag

    26. - 33 %

      Stardusty shoulder bag

    27. Bowling bag

    28. - 49 %
    29. Crali bag

    30. Almi quilted shoulder bag

    31. Olan printed pop bag

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    Misako's sales women's bags are always the most sought after. Shoppers, shoulder bags, mini bags... We have a great variety of designs!

    Let us tell you what you will find in this category because we are sure you don't know all the details yet.



    As you may know, Misako bags are designed to fit a variety of styles. That's why, whatever your style is, you will most likely find a complement faithful to your tastes and way of dressing.

    Choosing one or the other will only depend on your needs, so you should ask yourself a few questions before choosing your adventure partner. Is it a bag for everyday life or for a special occasion? Do you need a lot of storage space or will you carry few things in it?


    You love shopping, and even more if you do it at the best price. Congratulations! You are at the correct place.

    Have you been thinking about buying a bag for a long time? Well, this is the time to do it, because you deserve it. For a short time, in Misako we are on sale.

    If you were hesitant to get one, now you have to take advantage, since with our new prices you can not only buy one, but several.  Do not miss this opportunity.

    It is the ideal time to get that product that you had been around for a long time, but you could not afford it at first. It's time to think about the perfect gift for your best friend, your sister or your mother.


    Shoppers are a safe bet as an all-rounder. They are comfortable, big and very practical.

    These large format bags are the ideal complement for when you have to run errands or to carry your work tools such as your laptop or graphics tablet protected, although, for the latter, you could also use the Misako sales cases.

    Their sturdy handles will support the weight you carry on your shoulders and are very comfortable to carry.

    Shoulder bags

    If you're a fan of shoulder bags, you're a fan of lightness. These bags are perfect for when you don't want to carry too much weight on your shoulders.

    In addition, most of the shoulder straps in this category are adjustable and removable, giving you the opportunity to modify and customize your bag as you see fit or like it.

    The reduced size of the shoulder bags is not incompatible with good organization and storage capacity, and even less so when you combine them with other accessories according to their size, such as the small Misako purses. The trick is in the number and arrangement of the pockets, and we are experts at that!


    Do you want to know why you can’t miss these offers? In many businesses, only a specific category is lowered because it needs a greater push. But at Misako we are reducing the price of all types of products in our catalogue:

    - Sales on bags:  you will find cheaper our large, small bags, shoppers, bowlings, handbags, shoulder bags, party bags, etc.

    - Discounts on purses: we will lower the price of our large, medium, small wallets, coin holders, card holders, men's wallets, etc.

    - Sales on backpacks: buy discounted anti-theft backpacks, for men, for laptops, backpack bags, etc.

    - Sales on laptop bags: are you tired of carrying your laptop in an old, graceless case? You no longer have an excuse, find your ideal computer holder at the cheapest cost at Misako.

    - Sales on suitcases: do you have a trip? You know what the airlines are like, you can never trust that your current suitcase fits with their new baggage regulations. Avoid possible problems in this regard by buying the suitcase you need exactly: large, small, medium, handheld ... Now we have them cheaper than ever!

    Surely some of these products would suit you, right?


    The basics are a must have in any wardrobe. Even the most striking and extravagant styles manage to match these accessories, they work every time!

    Although the king in this category is the black Misako bags, you will find models in other shades and many designs that fit their profile.

    The bag sales are the perfect time to invest in this type of accessories because, although they are "out of season", their timeless aesthetics makes them a perfect accessory for any time.


    The whimsy bag. You know what we're talking about, right? That bag that you have been watching week after week and that you have not dared to buy because it is difficult to combine and you think that you will wear it few times. Yes, that one. Yes, now is the time. And if there is something we can afford in the sales is to be daring and play with our style a little. Do not you think?