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      Nylon anti-theft backpack


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    Convertible bag into a backpack for all occasions


    A backpack bag for women allows us to take advantage of it in all kinds of moments, since its design style and the way in which they have been created help to that is ideal in any situation.

    Many women have already shown that the bag convertible into a backpack is perfect when we go out to party very neat, in the day to day going to work or even when we do sports if we get a specific model for it, such as the sports backpack bag.

    It is also a perfect complement when we are travelling, to have the most necessary things at hand, while we can leave the rest in our suitcase or our travel bag.


    Safe and comfortable backpack bag models


    The anti-theft design is very widespread among backpack bags, which is why most of our models implement it.

    This allows us feel calm at all times and not worrying about anything, being able to keep any type of object we need inside without fear of being stolen from us.

    In addition, even with this system that prevents theft, the handbag is convertible into backpack for women provides great comfort when we use it.

    So you can carry your purse, wallet or all kinds of accessories safely in your backpack bag.


    Combine your backpack bag with all your outfits


    If you have already seen a black backpack bag and you liked it, be very attentive, because the variety that we have goes far beyond the most classic models.

    These anti-theft backpack bags are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, also differing in the type of fabric with which they have been designed, such as leatherette or fabric.

    The large selection of models guarantees that we can find the ideal anti-theft backpack for women to combine with each type of outfit that we have in our closet.


    Frequently Asked Questions about this type of bag / backpack


    The fabric backpack bag for women is a new trend that is revolutionizing the fashion sector and that we find more and more in our closets, but there are some questions that are still important to clarify.

    The most widespread of all and the one that we most often come across by Misako's clients is knowing how to use these black women's backpack bags properly. What to do to benefit from your design and show it off in the best possible way?


    How do you carry the convertible bag into a backpack?


    It's the million-dollar question. And the answer is very simple. The name of backpack bag is not only due to the particular design that this accessory has, but also to its functionality. Because by using this plugin we have the opportunity to use it as a backpack or as a bag.

    In the first case, we place it on our back with two strips that we can regulate, enjoying the security of the anti-theft system that leaves the main zipper on the back of the accessory. Different pockets are often included with a very accessible and always protected design. For its part, the way of use as a bag not only guarantees maximum elegance, but is also very comfortable. To be able to carry it in this way we will use the handle that it incorporates.