Women Purses, Wallets and Card Holders

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    1. Canya card holder
    2. Double purse

      Double purse

    3. Glam large purse

      Glam large purse

    4. Pastel big purse

      Pastel big purse

    5. Pastel small purse

      Pastel small purse

    6. Mix big purse

      Mix big purse

    7. Mix small purse

      Mix small purse

    8. Mairan small purse

      Mairan small purse

    9. Monogram big purse
    10. Monogram small purse
    11. Frise big purse
    12. Frise small purse
    13. Classi big purse
    14. Classi small purse
    15. Gliti big purse

      Gliti big purse

    16. Gliti small purse

      Gliti small purse

    17. - 31 %
      Fufito small purse

      Fufito small purse

    18. Rogaca big purse

      Rogaca big purse

    19. Rogaca small purse

      Rogaca small purse

    20. Antas big purse

      Antas big purse

    21. Antas small purse

      Antas small purse

    22. Blokito big purse

      Blokito big purse

    23. Blokito small purse

      Blokito small purse

    24. Pairan small purse

      Pairan small purse

    25. Balandrau small purse
    26. Madox small purse

      Madox small purse

    27. Madox big purse

      Madox big purse

    28. Slo medium purse

      Slo medium purse

    29. Slo coin purse small

      Slo coin purse small

    30. Canya large purse

      Canya large purse

    31. Canya coin purse Small

      Canya coin purse Small

    32. Slo coin purse

      Slo coin purse

    33. Pastel coin purse

      Pastel coin purse

    34. Pasteli card holder

      Pasteli card holder

    35. Glami card holder

      Glami card holder

    36. Vichi portamonedas plastico
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    A unique, flirty and very special accessory. ¡Misako Purses!

    We already know that money doesn’t bring happiness. But we are much happier with a purse or wallet that we like! Therefore, a very important part of our work at Misako is to create a unique, flirty and very special concept for your purse or wallet for women.
    The purse or wallet, is that essential accessory never missing out in our bag or backpack, small or big, but not least. The coin bag, wallet or purse must be useful, suitable and also have to match with our look.

    We love the details, styles and shapes, but we have a common goal: we want to create the suitable purse that you love and also adapted to all your needs. That's why we have a wide range of designs, sizes, styles and formats.

    Purses and coin purses

    When we think in a purse it does mean it has to be strictly serious, this classic is one of the basics updated for its functionality or style. In a small, comfortable and natural format to carry our coins and small objects.

    Everything will depend of which best suits to you and your style, if you do not normally use all the cards or do not carry too much, the purse or coin-purse may be the accessory that you were looking for.

    It will also be your perfect ally if you do not use big bags, suitable for clutch or party bags. They will give you a very female touch on your weekends!

    Card holders, an essential accessory that complements your purse

    It’s perfect if you are one of those who have many cards and you like to wear them always, the card holder is an useful accessory that can be combined with other purses and you won’t lose anything in your bag!

    Sort of different designs and sizes for women

    It’s said that size doesn’t matter but we are sure it’s closely related with the purses ;) Jokes aside, in addition to our collection of purses, come to see our backpacks, bum bags or laptop bags so that you can see all the accessories that we have designed for you