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    1. Emandi bolso bandolera de nylon
    2. Emandi bolso bandolera de nylon
    3. Emanda bolso bandolera con cadena de nylon
    4. Emanda nylon shopper bag
    5. Emanda nylon chain shoulder bag
    6. Emandas nylon mini mobile phone shoulder bag
    7. Emandi nylon shoulder bag
    8. Jumbi recycled nylon shoulder bag
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      Plumi bag

      Plumi bag

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      Plumis bag

      Plumis bag

    11. Soscu shoulder bag in nylon
    12. Sosca small shoulder bag in nylon
    13. Nova shoulder bag
    14. Jumbo recycled nylon shopper bag
    15. Jumbi recycled nylon shoulder bag
    16. Pachu tote bag in nylon with shoulder bag
    17. Pachu small shoulder bag in nylon
    18. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon multicolour print
    19. Green Gangs mobile bag in recycled nylon with multicolour print
    20. Green Gang-1 logo recycled nylon large shopper bag
    21. Green Gangs-1 logo recycled nylon mobile bag
    22. Friendlita recycled nylon tote bag with contrast strap
    23. Friendly recycled nylon bag with shouder bag
    24. Covachi bowling bag in nylon
    25. - 38 %
      Cove small shoulder bag

      Cove small shoulder bag

    26. Cederna small shoulder bag
    27. Tokyo small shoulder bag
    28. Tokyo bag

      Tokyo bag

    29. Jumbo recycled nylon shopper bag
    30. - 38 %
      Eseta bag
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    31. Tegeo shoulder bag in nylon
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    Nylon handbags for women by Misako

    The handbag is one of the accessories that goes everywhere with you. It gets wet when it rains, gets exposed to the sun, rubs against clothes, gets dirty when hanging on a chair or even ends up on the floor. Nylon bags for women are perfect to keep up with this rhythm and be exposed to all kinds of situations thanks to being made of one of the most resistant materials.


    Carry it anywhere with the assurance that it will withstand even the busiest day. At Misako we have a wide collection with all kinds of designs so you can find the one that perfectly matches your style.

    Nylon handbags for women: designed to accompany you at any moment

    Nylon bags have become an essential accessory in many women's wardrobes thanks to their durability. They are made of a material known for its high resistance and lightness as a travel bag.


    Thanks to this, they have become a style benchmark, a timeless must-have that is not only a current trend, but one that is here to stay for many seasons to come.

    This type of bag is an all-rounder, ready to accompany you in every situation. Ideal for going shopping and resisting it ending up on the floor of the fitting room, going out partying and being at the back of all your friends' coats, going to university with all your books inside or even carrying all your little ones' belongings.

    No matter where you go, rain, shine or shine, its durable material is ready to keep up with the hustle and bustle. You won't have to worry about damage, you'll just have to enjoy it.

    Best of all, even if it gets dirty, it's easy to clean and maintain. With soap and water it's as good as new. It's easy to clean, durable and timeless style means you can use it for years to come.


    Wide collection of nylon bags for women: all kinds of styles and designs

    When talking about nylon you often don't imagine modern and trendy designs, but nowadays this material has become a trend, being a style reference that you can decorate with our bag ornaments.

    If you are looking to buy a nylon bag to complete your outfit and to suit any occasion and style, at Misako we have a wide selection with different types so you can find the perfect model for you.

    If you want extra functionality you can choose the shopper models or large shoulder bags made of nylon. Ideal to carry everything with you and have enough space to have everything you need at hand, even to accompany you on a trip.

    And for everyday use? Nylon shoulder bags are perfect for keeping up with your daily routine. Ideal whether you're travelling, going to school or going to work. Whether by bus, plane or on foot, you won't have to carry everything in your hands or arms.

    And that's not all. Available in shoulder bag style, our mini nylon shoulder bags are perfect for carrying just the essentials. Plus, this design combined with the durable material makes them the ultimate festival or concert companion.

    Dive into our large collection with all kinds of nylon bags and discover your favourite models of the season. They are available in a wide range of colours so you can match them to all your outfits.

    Our variety of designs ensures you can find the perfect one to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes to give you the most fashion forward style.

    Any of our nylon bags are perfect for you thanks to their practical format and excellent durability. Be fashionable, wear it with a strap, as a fanny pack or over the shoulder.

    At Misako we like to take care of the details. They have a multitude of compartments and interior spaces, optimal functionality without sacrificing the lightness of the material.

    Explore our Nylon bags for women section and make a style statement with one of our designs. Go for durability and style.