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    At Misako we value touch, textures, practicality, and also elegant and simple. That's why we couldn't stop having our own collection of handbags too.

    Unlike the shoulder bags, when we talk about handbags we can refer to two different types of bags: On the one hand, there is the clutch, which is generally a party bag that is carried without a handle, holding it with the hand; on the other hand, there is the tote bag type, which is the one with format shopper whose handles are small, not to be carried on the shoulder, but by hand.

    At Misako you will find a wide range of handbags of the two types we mentioned. Further, many of them have an additional shoulder strap so you can comfortably carry them on your shoulder whenever you want. Take a look and discover your perfect tote bag.

    Women's handbags, a delicate touch for any occasion

    The hands are one of the most sensitive, symbolic and expressive parts of our body. So, there’s always a certain finesse and style when holding a handbag. Handbags in one format or another, larger or smaller, always leave a space for gestures and the personality of the wearer. Have you never thought about it?

    In addition, our clutch and tote bag are ideal for an informal moment with friends, a weekend, a special night or a trip. And very comfortable!

    Forget shoppers, bowling bags or mail carriers from time to time and show off a subtle and stylish touch with one of our Misako handbags. Choose one of our Jacquard fabrics for a casual weekend or one of our die-cut fabrics for dining out in a plain dress.

    Vintage handbag inspiration and a flirty touch

    As you well know, in our firm we always work in the background our style and each of our creations. Each one of all our bags and plugins are always based on a touch of nostalgia with its patterns and colors. Our prints, contrasts and pastel colors recall a retro air but also new and fresh.

    In addition, our handbags like all our other items are perfectly combinable with other Misako items. You can even complete the set with more accessories such as a toiletry bag, bag organizer, suitcase, purse, backpack ... Also we have a whole set of ornaments full of style and personality!

    A matter of touch: materials and quality in all your handbags

    At Misako we owe it to our personality and style but above all we seek a high-quality finish for our items. Suede leather, suede cloth, animal prints, florals and imitation leather in soft, neutral colors are the star styles and materials for this season. Irresistible! And without a doubt we know how to take advantage of them so that our creations stylize and complete your look to the max.

    Our garments are worked to the maximum and with great care, so the result is a beautiful, resistant accessory with a unique quality and design. Not only will that floral print or those Jacquard colors that we always wear convince you ... it will be practical and durable! Because at Misako we want you to carry that bag that we would like to carry.

    Feel free to take a look at all of our handbag models in any of our physical or online stores. You will receive it comfortably at home! Check all the information and our shipping policy.

    Haven't you decided on your handbag yet?