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    1. Kikas maleta pequeña
    2. Estrella large suitcase
    3. Luisa small suitcase
    4. Turbo small suitcase
    5. Turbo big suitcase
    6. Estrella medium suitcase
    7. Estrella small suitcase
    8. Flower small suitcase
    9. Roma big suitcase
    10. Roma medium suitcase
    11. Roma small suitcase
    12. Leslie big suitcase
    13. Leslie medium suitcase
    14. Leslie small suitcase
    15. Colonial suitcase
    16. Mina small suitcase
    17. Mina big suitcase
    18. Mina medium suitcase
    19. Flori small suitcase
    20. Binilus small suitcase
    21. Lili small suitcase
    22. Lili medium suitcase
    23. Lili big suitcase
    24. Binilus medium suitcase
    25. Binilus big suitcase
    26. Flori medium suitcase
    27. Turbo medium suitcase
    28. Cros big suitcase
    29. Estri small suitcase
    30. Estri medium suitcase
    31. Estri large suitcase
    32. Dinamic big suitcase
    33. Espinaker small suitcase
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      Vita small suitcase
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    Misako Bags. We love travelling with you!

    It’s not the destination but the journey what really matters. In Misako we know the most important is not the day to day, work and being at home. Because deeping inside us we also have an adventurous heart, that's why we love travel bags.
    That's why when we thought about our line of products we wanted to make a very special line of our suitcases, with a multitude of designs, formats, styles and personalities. Fleeing from sober lines and little worked or excessively expensive.

    We have created the perfect travel mate!

    At this point we shouldn’t talk only about design and tailoring, we also wanted to create handy suitcases with designs for small or large-sized luggage, flowing trolleys, cabin suitcases with the perfect size, lightweight compact, very resistant and guess what!?.... With style or course!

    Misako inspiration

    We keep our vintage inspiration, the ethnic, Provencal, geometric patterns that we love so much. In addition, we have look for the most resistant and lightweight materials for your suitcase, whatever it is a purchase or gift, goes with you all destinations.
    You can enjoy a vintage touch with some of our plasticized and waterproof designs. Very feminine and flirtatious! All eyes will be taken.
    They also have all the equipment and inside all compartments you need in any suitcase, so you can keep organized your stuff as much as possible.

    It’s not only a bag, it’s synonymous of quality!

    As in all our articles, we always look for a quality-price equation that suits you. Our designers work with the latest trends, executed with the cuts and details of the best quality.
    We work in detail with rigid and resistant materials, as well as with soft and pleasant fabrics. The waterproof finishes such as stitching and solid zippers are some of the bases we keep high quality standard of all our products.

    Our bags are designed to resist a long journey and also be comfortable and light for you.

    All sizes and shapes

    Small, medium, large-sized cabin bags and even for the weekend, you could choose the one best suits with your trip, breakout or long journey! In addition, we have combinable ranges. Create your perfect kit to travel with style!
    You can carry several suitcases, bags, backpack, your laptop case, your matching bag with many other accessories. Ideal for long trips! Because our luggage and the way of travelling are also part of our personality.

    Our business line

    You can also choose in . Suitable for your work rhythm! Great if you wear smart style or elegant for some special occasion.

     Remember a good impression starts on your suitcase.

    If you have not decided yet, don’t hesitate to visit any of our physical stores or buy it from home thought our online store.
    Still have not chosen your perfect suitcase?