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    Trolley Bags, for those who like short trips

    A business trip has come up and you have to leave home for a few days, but you have a serious problem because you don’t find the right suitcase! What can you do? Very easy, get your Misako trolley suitcase, one of our flagship products of the collection! The trolley suitcases are the perfect accessory if you need to undertake a short trip, or you have to go for a few days to another city for work. In Misako you will find the trolley suitcase to suit you, because you can choose from a large number of models, with exclusive and very personal designs.

    Misako trolleys are high-quality luggage, where you can carry your stuff in a very comfortable way. Are you ready for your trip? Go ahead and have a look to all our trolley suitcases we have for you and choose the one that will be your faithful companion for a long time.

    Put some colour on your trip 

    Going on a business trip is not the dream of our life, but everything can be seen different if we put a little color on it. For this reason, in Misako we offer you a great range of trolley bags with multiple tonalities and you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality. If you are a traditional woman, probably you will love our classic suitcases, with more austere designs and dark colors like black or blue, with brown trim.

    But if you like raucous colors, then decide for a much more striking trolley suitcase. Misako puts at your disposal red, green, beige trolleys ... you have many to choose between. And if you also want to go to the latest fashion, we recommend that you choose a camel colored suitcase, you will create sensation at the airport.

    Which size of your trolley best suits you?

    We know that a short trip doesn’t need so many luggage, with the clothes we wear and a couple more we will be fine, but to fit everything in the suitcase, sometimes we will have to choose the correct size bag. At Misako we think in everything, that's why we show you in our catalogue different sizes of trolley bags.

    If you want a more robust suitcase, then choose the classic one of all the times, with wheels and double handle, to carry your luggage comfortably. But you can also decide for a trolley bag, which is a little bit smaller and very easy to carry-on. You just have to think about the suitcase you need, check in our online store all models we have and choose the one you like most.

    In addition, we also have trolley suitcases with handles, if you're the one who doesn’t mind carrying your luggage and, of course, with more modern designs, which only have one handle and not the double. Which of them would you feel more comfortable with?

    Other accessories you can match with your trolley

    Comfort and versatility offered by the trolley suitcases are more than obvious, plus you can get any with exclusive designs of our catalog. But it is also important that your suitcase be accompanied by, for example, a handbag, and in Misako we help you, because you can match your trolley with other accessories that will be also essential for the trip.

    In addition to the handbag, we have toiletry bags that will be used to store your personal belongings and then, if after this business trip you want to start your own adventure for a longer time, you can get your medium or large size suitcase to continue. What is the best thing about all this? Whatever the suitcase or bag you use for your trips, they will be always perfectly matched. An authentic pleasure for those who like to go perfectly combined.

    Your trolley bag, smooth or printed?

    We have already talked about colour and size of our trolleys and also we have mentioned other items which you can combine them. What is missing? That’s right, the design! In Misako we launch a wide range of trolley bags high-quality and exclusive designs, so typical of our brand. These designs have a great colourful with exclusive drawings, which you could choose to your liking.

    Do you like smooth suitcases? Good, because in Misako we put at your disposal all kinds of trolley bags with a single colour, although the tendency in these cases is to decide for black or blue colours.

    But don’t worry if you like most modern and eye-catching designs, you could also choose different kinds of trolley bags with patterns. Mosaics, flowers and even animals, we have everything to choose the best suitcase for you.
    Traveling has never been so simple and Misako will go with you all times to find the trolley bag best suits your needs. Have a good trip!