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    1. Bora vanity case for men
    2. Pietri wallet
    3. Sargocase men's mini mobile phone bag
    4. Tom wallett for men
    5. Sargei wallet
    6. Bene wallet for men
    7. Grano wallet for men
    8. Emilio wallet
    9. Brody wallet
    10. Explore wallet
    11. Tapi wallet for men
    12. Ollie purse

      Ollie purse

    13. George wallet
    14. James wallet
    15. Jules wallet
    16. Ricard wallet
    17. Denvy wallet
    18. Tadeo wallet man
    19. Olaf wallet

      Olaf wallet

    20. Manel wallet
    21. Julio wallet
    22. Albert wallet
    23. Picu recycled nylon purse
    24. Bora wallet for men
    25. Pater monedero de hombre
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    28 Items

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  • Our masculine line: purses and wallets for men

    In Misako we have also created a male line for many of our products, so they can also find that item with all the quality and functionality that our brand offers. Perfect also as a gift! This is the case of our wallets, purses and card holders for men. Our inspiration is based on the most classic and functional formats to offer a much more versatile price result than other brands and with all the quality that a portfolio deserves.

    Elegant, neutral and very useful are some of the aspects that all our wallets for men share. Still have not decided on any?

    For any occasion and style

    Because our wallets has character and style, they become an easy accessory to combine for their neutral colours. For business, etiquette days and even for our day to day. You can also combine them with any of our bags for men or laptop cases. Suitcases or travel bags? They will also combine without any doubt. Start now by completing your men collection with one of our Misako wallets!

    Blacks, chocolates and Camel

    We know that the gentleman's style has many demands, that's why we put aside the most colourful and cheerful patterns for women to make way for raw, marine and toasted. Colours like black or brown have the ability to match perfectly with any style and give a touch of natural elegance and personality to any occasion and man's attire.

    They will match perfectly with jeans, any kind of shoes, coats, blue, black and brown tones indifferently. And they can enjoy a product of great quality and versatility with a superior quality-price ratio. What's your colour? :)

    Different formats and functions!

    We have some models, sizes and shapes so you can find exactly the product you were looking for. That is why we are also the first in male line accessories. Besides, you could find different models: regular and mini purses, wallets and card holders.

    The money-box will be suitable if you go with some coins or small objects, while the wallet can offer much more space and departments, so great if you want to take everything!

    And finally, we have the card holder, to carry some cards or match with your cross body. And we can even combine all three!

    Raw materials with a very good finish

    For our wallets and purses collection for men we have chosen finishes similar to leather, peach, suedette and Jacquard fabrics. We reinvent the classics! In Misako we realize the importance of a soft and pleasant touch for a daily use accessory.

    Also, we achieve the quality standards that give us a resistant material with durable zippers. In this way we can send you a high quality purchase with a product adapted to your needs.

    We fully appreciate the details such as seams, fabrics, creating a final product of good quality with an unbeatable price, worked on raw materials and made with many details without being too expensive.

    The ideal gift for him

    Is Valentine's Day or Christmas coming? His birthday? Undoubtedly our wallets will be a very special gift for him as well as useful. Complement your gift with a laptop case, backpack or purse for men. You can complete the collection! We know that he will be pleased.

    Still haven’t you chosen that purse for men? Check all our showcase of male accessories and don’t hesitate to ask any information about your shipment or purchase. You will get it in a few days!