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Big Purses for Women by Misako

If you are one of those who need a large purse to carry everything, in Misako we have the perfect purse for you. You can easily match it with our bags and other accessories. It will go great with your shopper and you will have a wide place for coins, all your cards and other documentation that you need to have always with you. In our selection you will find a huge range of models, all of them many-coloured with patterns and designs of the most current. Have a look and get your favourite!

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  • Golina monedero de Misako thumb

    Golina purse

  • Ingas monedero de Misako

    Ingas big purse in nylon

  • Ivet monedero de Misako thumb

    Ivet big purse

  • Velpi monedero de Misako small

    Velpi purse

  • Kamati monedero de Misako small

    Kamati purse

  • Indala monedero de Misako

    Indala wallet

  • Sia monedero de Misako

    Sia big purse

  • Kena monedero de Misako small

    Kena big wallet

  • Gever monedero de Misako small

    Gever wallet

  • Garca monedero de Misako frontal

    Garca purse

  • Arruga monedero de Misako thumb

    Arruga big purse


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Large purses. To take everything you need!

If you are one of those who like to take everything on, in Misako we have the perfect wallet or purse for you. Our XL range will allow you to carry everything you need with a large space for coins, cards, ticket... See more