Big Purses for Women by Misako

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    1. Frise big purse
    2. Classi big purse
    3. Colchi large purse

      Colchi large purse

    4. Ivi big purse

      Ivi big purse

    5. Maila big purse

      Maila big purse

    6. Frati big purse

      Frati big purse

    7. Balanda-1 big purse

      Balanda-1 big purse

    8. Moneta big purse

      Moneta big purse

    9. Janaya big purse

      Janaya big purse

    10. Kor big purse

      Kor big purse

    11. Mairan big purse

      Mairan big purse

    12. Donati big purse

      Donati big purse

    13. Work big purse

      Work big purse

    14. Monogram big purse
    15. Glam large purse
    16. Bloqui big purse

      Bloqui big purse

    17. Delen big purse

      Delen big purse

    18. Atreus coins wallet

      Atreus coins wallet

    19. Tequila small shoulder bag
    20. Arruga wallet

      Arruga wallet

    21. Kor purse
      Sold out
    22. Gufa big purse

      Gufa big purse

    23. Blokito big purse
    24. Gliti big purse
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    33 Items

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  • Large purses. To take everything you need!

    If you are one of those who like to take everything on, in Misako we have the perfect wallet or purse for you. Our XL range will allow you to carry everything you need with a large space for coins, cards, tickets and many more departments so you do not miss anything.

    You can also choose from many styles and colours but above all with personality and cut that characterizes us.

    Shopper bag + Large Wallet: Perfect combination

    Our large purses will be perfect with many of our shopper bags, cross body bags or large size, just you will have to choose the style best suits with your personality and needs.

    In addition, they are also perfect if you are going to make a trip or a getaway and you need to carry many things with you, such as money or your passport. A safe bet! Also combine them with any of our ornaments for bags such as tassels or pom-poms and you will give a very personal and colourful touch.

    Quality and design also in a big way

    In Misako we are together by a common attribute: love for details and design. For this reason, our purses or big wallets have behind all a background work to achieve an elegant and sophisticated style, but also retro, fun, feminine and natural. Choose yours! From floral patterns, to moles and finishing in fine and neutral lines such as black, grey, blue or chocolate that can also be used as a gift for men. It will be very useful for business trips or breakouts!

    Our materials are chosen among many to be a top quality-price and above all is a finish in soft leather or fabric and durable. The closures and zippers will also be an incentive if you are looking for a large purse with strong and durable closures.

    Combine them with purses of other sizes!

    If you are one of those who never have enough you can combine your purse or wallet larger with a regular or smaller. Even with card holder or coin purse! Get to create your own set and surprise someone with a set or collection of purses.

    Perfect also with our backpacks, cross bodies, shoppers, suitcases and travel bags. As you well know in Misako we love the collections, which make us create many accessories and add-ons for each woman's style; retro lines, neutral finishes and boho or ethnic inspiration are some of our favourite themes to make our collections. A Shabby chic or elegant style! We have no limits.

    If you haven’t chosen yet your favourite style don’t doubt to check all our collections and styles and get everything with your XL wallet too! You can see our entire range in any of our physical stores or online store. Check our shipping and purchasing policy now! You will get your order comfortably in a few days.