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    Free spirit: Misako necklaces

    The necklaces give an unparalleled touch to your look, that is why there are so many styles and it is a jewel that has remained so much in time, fashion, art and cinema. A necklace can give that subtle touch or improves your dressing so much in all your outfits. In Misako we have not wanted to miss the opportunity to create and design a great showcase of necklaces where there would be many styles, shapes and colours but always in harmony with the personality and style of the high costume jewellery Misako.

    A mystical touch: glass, wood and natural fibres

    We love playing with materials, textures and colours so our necklaces have that unique and boho touch, but also very feminine, fresh and posh. That's why our necklaces are perfect to take to a music festival like to the office. You choose the occasion! :)

    To create that unique touch we have settled on various materials, especially the combination of crystals and small metals, wood, mother-of-pearl, coloured fibres and feathers. All of them mounted on antiallergenic metal and in golden or silver colour, aged or extinguished according to the style of the jewel.

    There is a style waiting for you!

    From a simple choker to a long necklace topped with stones and tassels, the possibilities are endless and the only way to decide is to have a look and check at all the jewellery items that our online store can offer you as a physical one.

    It combines a simple or lingerie dress with a long retro style necklace, with little golden ornate. Use a necklace with more stone and silver for your business look or choose a pattern with our chokers of geometric shapes and colours to give more fantasy touch. An ethnic and hippie touch!

    In addition, our necklaces combine perfectly with any accessory Misako. Wear it with your cross body bag, shopper, suitcase or set of suitcases. Mix the styles as you want! Also add one of our foulards and also costume jewellery, you can wear your favourite outfit in the best trips and weekend plans.

    Unique quality and price for unique styles

    When we have to select the fabrics we are going to use and the prints we are going to integrate into our family, important points such as materials, trends and the work behind each piece are always taken into account. For that reason instead of using precious stones or semiprecious stones we use less noble metals but equally as beautiful and materials with that natural touch that gives so much personality.

    The result is a necklace where you can appreciate all the details and work in the background, and that also has that spiritual, natural and youthful aura, but with a much more reasonable price as the rest of our costume jewellery.

    Ideal as a gift!

    No ideas for Valentine's Day or Christmas? Don’t worry, because our necklaces and costume jewellery are ideal as a gift for women. Especially if you add another Misako item combine the necklace, or necklace with a pair of rings, earrings, bracelets or any of our collections. A very colourful bag or full of prints will be great with anyone, a suedette bag with one of our wooden necklaces and natural finishes. It will delight everyone!

    Haven’t you seen the perfect necklace for you yet? You can see our entire range in any of our stores or see online availability for a shipment. Get your order in a few days! You won’t regret it!