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    1. Ecasian sustainable poly leather shopper bag
    2. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon printed green
    3. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon multicolour print
    4. Green Gang-1 logo recycled nylon large shopper bag
    5. Lami bag

      Lami bag

    6. Kiosko bag

      Kiosko bag

    7. Pompea bolso
    8. Classique big shopper bag
      Last units

      Classique big shopper bag

    9. Balando shopper bag
    10. Covazo big bag with shoulder strap
    11. Asian bag

      Asian bag

    12. Patra shopper bag with laptop pocket (14 inches)
    13. Basico bag

      Basico bag

    14. Jinzi bag

      Jinzi bag

    15. Brico bag

      Brico bag

    16. Rolla bag

      Rolla bag

    17. Roll bag

      Roll bag

    18. Work bag

      Work bag

    19. Mairi shoulder bag
    20. Mairan big shopper bag
    21. Simonetta tote bag in nylon
    22. Exentric pop shopper bag canvas
    23. Merila shopper bag
    24. Deko shopper bag
    25. Acita shopper bag
    26. Iso pop canvas shopper bag
    27. Nomad bag

      Nomad bag

    28. Lizo shopper bag with computer pocket
    29. Joey bag

      Joey bag

    30. Cushion bag

      Cushion bag

    31. Pequi shopper bag
    32. Malya shoulder bag jacquard
    33. Berna bag

      Berna bag

    34. Officty shopper bag
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    Items 1-36 of 54

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  • Shopping bag: For high rhythms of life, high-level bags

    One of the most common accessories and completes our look is the bag. When it’s time to find the bag so suitable for us, we don’t only consider factors such as the style, there things very important like the space and comfort. That's why one of our star models comes in: the shopper bag.

    Still you don’t know what a shopper bag is?

    The bags of this style are characterized by their classic and stylized cut. But his biggest claim is size. With its narrower base and a more open end. These bags are a lightweight, comfortable and practical accessory.

    This kind of bag is a must-have for the most relaxed styles or if your pace of life doesn’t accommodate smaller bags. For that reason, in Misako we wanted to create a line of bags so spacious, comfortable and stylish that carrying a large and versatile bag was not synonymous with being less beautiful, but quite the opposite.

    Our concept is closer to a luxury bag with the best tailor's finishes and the best making-up with the toughest, softest and best quality fabrics.

    In addition, our shopper bags are perfect for any occasion and therefore suitable with all your outfits, whether if you go to the office and need to bring some documents at home or to go out with the little ones and even to go for a break on weekend or special dinner.

    Choose the style that best suits your needs!

    Your favourite style with the best size

    In Misako we love playing with styles and patterns. That's why our shopper bags are the most charming in the market. With finishes in suedette, peach and leatherette, they are very nice to the touch and resist everything. Such very good purchase!

    In this case we play with warm, neutral and classic colours, because we know that bag will need to adapt many styles in your day by day. Always we are inspired by trends, that's why any of our accessories is a luxury item with an affordable price and also the best quality materials designed for you.

    The perfect gift for a woman!

    Our handbags and mini are great! We love them! But many times they are not useful and we prefer a large bag that could be also the perfect gift. One of the accessories that everyone needs in their closet!

    To make matters worse, our bags have a matching set or collection. Use them to match your suitcase on trips or with a backpack on weekends ;) Still haven’t you chosen your new shopper bag? Check our entire portfolio of products from your comfy coach and receive it soon at home. See our shipping conditions.