Women's Medium Purses and Wallets

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    Women's medium wallets and purses

    The wallet is a must-have accessory in your handbag, so there's a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your tastes perfectly.

    Transform this everyday staple into a style statement with our range of women's medium wallets and purses. Keep your money and cards safe, but with a fashionable accessory - a safe bet!


    Medium in size but with all the necessities a purse needs to meet.

    Do you love to carry a big bag one day and a small bag with just the essentials the next? If you love to use a different bag every day, you need to find a purse that you can carry in every bag in your wardrobe.

    Having a different purse may be the easiest option, but we have to admit, we're always on the go and changing all our cards or money frequently can be a hassle.

    That's why the best accessory for this is a medium-sized wallet. Capable of adding a lot of style to your day and perfect to use for any occasion, as they are the ideal size for most handbags.

    Misako's women's medium wallets are the perfect size to hold all your most basic everyday belongings. They have plenty of practical zipped pockets and compartments to keep your coins and cards neatly organised in the bag.


    Quality and design for your medium wallets

    At Misako we love small details and design. That's why all our medium purses and wallets have a unique style to match you perfectly. You can find elegant and sophisticated designs, but also fun, simple or bold.

    Our collection of medium wallets includes trendy metallic wallets, medium animal print wallets and classic black zip-around wallets. You choose your favourite!

    Classic lines and neutral colours have the advantage that they never go out of style, so you can use them for a long time without getting tired of them. If, on the other hand, you prefer bright and bold colours, you will be able to find your wallet in the bag in no time at all.

    Made with a resistant material, but soft at the same time, so you won't damage your hands when you pick up any of the items in your purse. If you're looking for a medium sized wallet with durable fasteners, you're in luck, we guarantee the best value for money.


    Combine with the rest of our wallet collections

    Combining your medium-sized purse or wallet with other accessories is ideal for a stylish complete collection. At Misako we love to mix and match and we have designs that are perfect for pairing them together.

    If you prefer to pay by card rather than cash, the most convenient option is to carry your cards separately. Card holders are an excellent accessory to keep all your cards in one place without taking up too much space. Our medium-sized wallets are just the right size to carry your card holder without a problem.

    You can also combine them with our bag or purse embellishments, such as tassels or pompoms. They add a touch of colour and a very personal touch.

    Carry your money, cards or documents in our women's medium wallets and purses, all your belongings ready to carry in any of your bags. You won't have to worry about changing everything to a different size purse, it will always be ready to go out with you. Explore the wide catalogue and take advantage of the benefits of shopping at Misako, which one do you choose?