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    Misako rings, a natural touch and style

    The rings are very special element in the jewellery’s world and high jewellery, they have been used since ancient times, and certainly have something spiritual and something that connects directly to the heart.

    That is why, when creating our own line of jewellery for women, we could not miss our own selection of rings. Always in line with Misako's personality: our rings are ideal for natural, boho and ethnic looks. Without neglecting the simple and elegant side with classic touches.

    Natural elements and fine metals

    Our rings contain a goldsmith's work behind, so they have many details and richness, however we wanted to work on these ideas on much affordable materials than other brands without having noble metals such as golden, silver or semiprecious stones.

    The natural and rough elements such as stone, wood and the imitation of different materials present in nature are some of the pillars and personality that our rings have.

    Others, mixed with small stones and colours will give you that mystical and ethnic air you were looking for.

    On the other hand, we also love the golden and silver finishes. And if it can be in packs so you can combine them, even better! The rings give a very bohemian touch to stylize your hands and you can also combine them with any of our bags or backpacks.

    Small size and retro maxi

    In addition, our rings have many different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the finger where you want to wear it or how to combine it with a multitude of sizing options. Besides, the size varies depending on the style you like because we love styles with personality! That’s why many of our rings have a very personal and retro touch: they are our maxi rings.

    A very flirtatious and sweet touch to take them in your day to day, they will give you a fun and hippie touch. Have not you seen them yet? They make us crazy.

    Combine them with more accessories of our costume jewellery

    As if that weren’t enough, all our rings are perfectly combinable with the rest of our costume jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings ...) with the same inspiration and character that you love. In addition, our jewellery will be the perfect point to combine and give the final touch to any look with our Misako products. Match your necklace or choker with a vintage ring. You will capture everyone’s attention!

    Also match a cross body bag or leatherette with a touch of wood in your hands, or a little bit of colour with our ethnic rings. They will also be perfect for your trips! Combine your printed suitcases with a vintage style maxi ring and start showing off your best look to your favourite destinations.

    Respectful materials with the skin

    The most important thing of our accessories and jewellery is they are made of materials that do not irritate or damage the skin. That’s why our rings and all other costume jewellery as accessories are made of tolerant and anti-allergic materials.

    Haven’t you seen our entire range of Misako rings yet? You can see all of our collections, news and discounts at any of our physical stores, you won’t resist to take one. Place your order now and highlight your look with this unique and natural touch. Check all the information about our shipments and get your purchase Misako in record time. What's yours?