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  • Coin purses by Misako

    Are you bored of carrying large purses? Don’t you know where to keep your money in practical way? We have your solution, because with Misako coin purse you can store all your coins and other smaller items you want to take everywhere. Sometimes we don’t need to go out to the street with big bags or purses, because they can be uncomfortable and even unnecessary depending on where we go. For this reason, coin purses are launched as the perfect accessory, being possible to carry in them well-kept and fully accessible coins.

    It is a very versatile accessory that we can use for any kind of bag and will use to store those small items that we don’t want to lose in large accessories.

    In Misako we offer you a great range of purses with different shapes and sizes, as well as different colours so you can choose the one you need and that best fits your likes.  

    Women's purses with thousands of shapes

    For sure you have bags of all kinds, large, small, with geometric shapes ... and in some of them not always fit our large portfolio in which we save everything. How can you then take your coins? Very simple: using these coin purses with smaller size. So that you could take your coins in any bag, in Misako you will find a great range of models with different shapes and designs.
    You can choose for the square purses, which are the most classic, but they are very comfortable to give it a daily use. Or maybe you prefer to make other more rounded or oval, which are useful if we need these small purses to carry in a party bag. There are models of all types! We even offer you coin purses with several compartments so you won’t miss anything. Which one would you choose for each occasion?

    Different closures to store your coins

    In addition to all shapes you will find in Misako, the purses of our catalogue have different closures to offer you the greatest comfort. The zippers are the most classic, since they are usually the most used and provide greater security. But if you want a more chic purse with a much more attractive design, we have several small purses that have the clip closure so you can have access to your coins quickly with that touch of quality and style that characterizes all the Misako products.

    A matching coin purse with your bag

    Matching everything perfectly, our coin purse must follow the same style as our bag. That's why in Misako we have many of these portfolios that have the same design as the bags and backpacks that appear in our catalogue. You can match them all: it doesn’t matter what bag you have chosen because we are sure it has your matching accessory.
    We offer you coin purses with a style similar to large bags. You can also choose purses that fit perfectly in mini bags or choose a beach style. Don’t forget those coin purses whose appearance makes them more appropriate to go with a party bag.

    Customized purse

    The colour and decoration are elements that we use to care when choosing a coin purse. In Misako catalogue we have different portfolios of this kind with a great range of tonalities. Dark colours, such as black or camel are the most traditional and also match with almost everything. You can also choose between more striking designs where red, intense blue or yellow colours prevail. What is your favourite colour? Prints, mosaics, stripes or polka dots are some of the decorative elements you'll find in Misako's small purses.