Green Collection

Misako joins sustainable fashion: discover our new collection Green Gang.


If you still don’t know what sustainable fashion is, now is the perfect time to join the movement. Nowadays people are beginning to become aware of the need to buy and consume responsibly. Taking care of the environment means taking care of yourself and your loved ones.


For this reason, in Misako we are launching our new collection: Green Gang. It is the first Green collection of the brand and with it, we are giving our clients the possibility of making the planet a better place.

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    32 Items

    1. Telny recycled fabric weekend bag
    2. Telny recycled fabric backpack anti-theft
    3. Telnea recycled fabric shoulder bag
    4. Jumbo recycled nylon shopper bag
    5. Jumbo recycled nylon bum bag
    6. Jumbi recycled nylon shoulder bag
    7. Jumbi recycled nylon shoulder bag
    8. Jumbo recycled nylon toiletry bag
    9. Telny recycled fabric shoulder bag
    10. Telny recycled fabric shoulder bag
    11. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon printed green
    12. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon multicolour print
    13. Jumbo recycled nylon shopper bag
    14. Green Gang-1 logo recycled nylon anti-theft backpack
    15. Green Gang-1 logo recycled nylon large shopper bag
    16. Friendlita recycled nylon tote bag with contrast strap
    17. Green Gangs-1 logo recycled nylon mobile bag
    18. Green Gangs recycled nylon mobile bag green print
    19. Green Gangs mobile bag in recycled nylon with multicolour print
    20. Ecasian sustainable poly leather shopper bag
    21. Ecoli large tote bag with sustainable leather with strap
    22. Ecolito small tote bag with sustainable leather with strap
    23. Friendly recycled nylon bag with shouder bag
    24. Friendly recycled nylon backpack
    25. Picu recycled nylon backpack
    26. Picu recycled nylon shoulder bag
    27. Picu recycled nylon laptop bag with independent strap
    28. Picu recycled nylon toilet bag
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    Green Gang, your opportunity to join sustainable fashion.


    Now you’ll probably be asking yourself: what is sustainable clothing?


    If you don’t know this concept yet, let us explain you. Sustainable fashion is a social movement that minimizes the environmental impact and guarantees the accomplishment of labour rights during the fabrication process of clothes and accessories. Easy, isn’t it?


    Hitherto, every company had its own ethic when creating and distributing its articles, and some of these production processes were damaging the environment. The only way to achieve a global eco-awareness is to promote and follow sustainable fashion for men and women. 


    It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or what you do: Misako Green Gang sustainable fashion collection will allow you to do your bit to help us achieve this task, so beautiful and necessary. 


    How online sustainable fashion helps the environment?


    This big question comes to our mind: can you help the environment by purchasing clothes? The response is: ¡yes, of course! You shouldn’t get worried, because wearing those tending clothes or accessories doesn’t mean you are against planet health. The key point is being aware of the issue and making a responsible consumption.


    From now on, you don’t have to worry about what are you buying because we have made the work for you. In Misako we created this Green Gang Collection where all products we offer are sustainable and eco-friendly.

    There is a huge variety of daily actions you can do to be eco-friendly: ride a bike, use public transportation, reduce the waste of water in your showers… and don’t forget to make sure your clothes are made with sustainable materials. 


    Give the planet a break with Green Gang collection

    We have convinced you, now you are here, you can buy the clothes you like the most made with sustainable materials. There’s only one last step missing: join the Green Gang culture!

    On the one hand, you’ll find nylon recycled products. This nylon has been used before, but it is manufactured to make it look brand new. The advantage is that you don't have to make a new product, and you avoid throwing the old ones in the trash. You reuse and recycle in the same purchase!

    On the other hand, we have opted for sustainable polyurethane, that is, leatherette. This skin imitation follows the GSR (Global Recycling Standard), so its production and manufacture are strictly monitored. We just want to offer you the best, so we like to be transparent... and also a little green.

    During the last decades, people have started joining sustainable movements. Taking care of the planet means enjoying life. In Misako we want you to be part of it and for this reason, we created this collection for you. Enjoy sustainable fashion with Green Gang collection. Do you follow us?