Leatherette Backpack for Women by Misako

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      Anti-Theft backpack

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    There is no limit to the leatherette backpack for women. They are so flexible in terms of design and practicality in terms of use, that we can count on them absolutely.

    It does not matter what type of outfit we have chosen or the style of clothing we are opting for, since leatherette backpacks will always do a good job and will look perfectly by our side.

    And of course, we don't have to worry about the style of the place we go to with this type of backpack: they give a sensational image at all times.


    Different colors, shapes and styles to choose your backpack

    Misako responds to the demands and requests of its customers and offers a really varied catalog of leatherette backpacks, with so many models that we advance to you that it will be difficult for you to choose.

    Whether you are looking for a black leatherette backpack or if what you prefer is a brown leatherette backpack or any other type of color, we have all your needs covered. And our backpacks differ not only in color, but also in the shapes, sizes and styles they display. They will surprise you.


    Black and brown, the star colors in this type of backpack

    Due to the elegant and sober nature of this fabric, the black leatherette backpack has always been one of the most sought after. It is a type of color that fits with any type of clothing and that fits on all occasions. In addition, it highlights the other colors of our clothing and provides an added touch of elegance.

    The same goes for brown, the other most important color within this type of accessory. However, we are very aware of new trends and how the tastes of all our clients are not the same. For this reason, we also offer alternative colors such as gray or navy blue, among others.


    Frequently Asked Questions about backpacks made of leatherette

    The trend of leatherette backpacks is still as current as when they began to be used, but there are those who have not yet dared to try one. Do you have any questions that we can solve?

    Advantages of buying a women's leatherette backpack

    The key to leatherette backpacks lies in their elegance, their charisma and character. It is ideal at any time. Other types of backpacks may only be used in certain situations or with specific garments, but with a leatherette there will be no time when we have to leave it aside.