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    Misako foulards and scarves

    Scarves are one of the star accessories to complete a look. Timeless and reinventing themselves season after season, combining perfectly with the rest of the accessories. They are able to protect the neck, but their use has become so popular that you can wear them on the head, belts, tied to your bags or even as a top.

    Misako foulards and scarves will add a chic and urban touch to any outfit, whatever your style, we have the perfect one for you. Discover our most irresistible models.


    Women's foulards and scarves that go with everything, go for it!

    Women's scarves are one of the most versatile and practical accessories you can have in your wardrobe. They can change a look in a simple way, adding a unique style.

    At Misako we make sure that our designs combine easily with the rest of your clothes. Wide variety of options, from prints to plain neutral colours so that you can use them in each of your outfits.

    The diversity of designs, fabrics, colours and shapes allows you to combine them with numerous accessories. Add some glasses, earrings, a brooch or a hat and the result will be worthy of a catwalk.


    How to wear a foulard with style: the best tricks to make the most of our scarves for women.

    There are endless possibilities for wearing them. Get inspired by the latest trends and let your creativity run wild. You can wear them in a traditional and classic way or with an original style.

    Wrap them around your neck for an elegant touch, and they can even help protect you from the cold in winter. The walking movement of neckerchiefs will make everyone's jaw drop when they see you.

    For a more innovative use you can wear it around your waist as a belt, it will add a touch of colour that will go great with the rest of your outfit. Knot it on the handle of your bag, it will be a stylish accessory.

    Summer trends also include plenty of options for wearing them. Drape it over your head for a spectacular boho look. There are many ways to wear hair scarves, from knotted in a ponytail, to holding a breezy bun, as a headband or even as a turban.

    And the possibilities are endless. If you're a fashion victim and dare to wear it as a top, you'll be following the most popular trend of the season. All you have to do is learn how to wear the scarf as a top and choose your favourite design from the wide variety of designs in our catalogue.


    Buy women's foulards online: choose your favourites

    Women's foulards have an infinite number of possibilities of how to wear them, and at Misako we make it even easier for you, so you can combine them without any complications thanks to the wide variety of designs available.

    We have foulards and scarves for women with different fabrics to suit all seasons. You can choose between a warmer material for winter and a cooler one for summer.

    Find your perfect scarf, we have different models so you can find the right one for your style. It depends on what occasion you are going to wear it for and what you want to combine it with.

    Plain designs go perfectly with almost any look, but if you want a more daring touch you can choose from our printed designs. From animal print, abstract or multicolour. It's up to you.

    Browse our selection of Misako foulards and scarves, we have the perfect design for your style. Mix and match for an elegant and sophisticated total look. It will become your favourite wardrobe accessory.