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    Misako cabin luggage

    If you are one of those who travel with little luggage or if you want to save yourself the hassle of waiting on the luggage belt for your checked luggage, the cabin luggage will be your best ally for any adventure.

    A convenient and practical travel accessory that allows you to carry everything you need in one hand.  Explore Misako's wide range of cabin luggage, functional designs, but without compromising on style.


    Cabin suitcase, everything at hand

    Cabin bags are designed to help you travel the world in comfort, and above all, to have everything you need at hand during the trip.

    Essential for any occasion, whether you're travelling for business, to carry little luggage, to go on a weekend getaway or even to complement your large suitcase. Ideal for carrying all your essentials by hand, you can carry them with you at all times and you won't have to worry about misplacing them.

    At Misako you can find a wide selection of cabin luggage in the right size for any airline. Forget about worrying at the last moment of boarding the plane in case they tell you that you have to check your hand luggage.

    If you're wondering about cabin suitcases and sizes, you should know that all our designs are ready to accompany you on any trip, regardless of the airline.

    Travelling with everything to hand is possible thanks to these comfortable accessories, but who said you have to give up style to do it? Our cabin luggage designs are always on trend, we follow all the latest trends so you can go with a spectacular total look.


    Types of cabin luggage: travel in comfort and style

    Choosing cabin luggage can be overwhelming. One of the most decisive aspects in making the decision is choosing the material, at Misako you can find a wide selection so you can choose between hard suitcases and more flexible models.

    Rigid Cabin Luggage - Protect your belongings


    Hard cases have the advantage that they can protect your belongings even if they get knocked around and are easy to clean. On the other hand, the more flexible ones have a larger luggage capacity.

    The choice depends on what you need and what your favourite way of travelling is, and this will determine to a large extent whether you choose one model or another.

    We have all types of cabin luggage in a wide variety of designs so you can find the one that suits you best. From stylish designs for a business trip to cabin bags with bright prints.

    Cabin Trolley Luggage - Travel in comfort


    You can choose a small suitcase with wheels to carry all your luggage easily and comfortably. If you prefer, you can explore our cabin bags without wheels, the most popular option for a weekend getaway.

    And that's not all! If you always travel with a laptop, we have a laptop case with wheels, ideal for transporting your work equipment anywhere safely and conveniently.


    Combine your cabin suitcase with travel accessories

    Cabin bags are a must, but you can complement them with other travel accessories and suitcases to be ready for any getaway. You can use a large suitcase to carry your clothes for the trip and the hand luggage to carry a travel pillow, toiletry bag and your documents.

    We also have medium sized suitcases if you want to take a shorter trip. We have travel accessories and trolleys that you can combine with your hand luggage, such as cases, scales, padlocks for suitcases or even travel organisers.

    Travelling has never been more convenient than with Misako cabin luggage, ideal for keeping your belongings close at hand. Say goodbye to checking in suitcases or waiting for your bags to arrive at the airport. Whether you're travelling for business, a weekend getaway or a big adventure with little to no luggage, what's your favourite design?