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Whether your style is sober, elegant or classic, or all three! This is your category. Misako's men's line is a great alternative to the style of Misako's women's bags.

Here you can find a wide variety of accessories such as shoulder bags, backpacks, wallets or travel bags with a minimalist style, ideal for any occasion.

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    16 Items

    1. - 31 %
      Sargocase men's mini mobile phone bag
    2. Tama bag for men

      Tama bag for men

    3. - 8 %
      Bruce shoulder bag for men
    4. - 31 %
      Jauri wallet

      Jauri wallet

    5. Coton bag for men

      Coton bag for men

    6. Dipo bag man

      Dipo bag man

    7. - 11 %
      Racho bag for men

      Racho bag for men

    8. - 21 %
      Blico bag for men

      Blico bag for men

    9. Tama wallet for men

      Tama wallet for men

    10. Jauri bag man

      Jauri bag man

    11. Luke wallet for man

      Luke wallet for man

    12. - 22 %
      Brucet small shoulder bag for men
    13. - 58 %
      Nacho belt for men
    14. - 31 %
      Racho wallet
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    Minimalist style accessories

    Misako's men's line tends towards very simple, sophisticated and modern products. Without big decorations or extravagant details.

    The great advantage of these accessories is that you can easily combine them with all kinds of looks. From the most casual to the most formal.

    The Misako sales are perfect for you to get one of them and experiment with your everyday outfits, we are sure you will be surprised by all the possibilities it offers.


    Classic style accessories

    For lovers of classics, we have designed accessories in line with this line. Robust and compact products, mostly made of synthetic leather.

    You will find basics such as shoulder bags and briefcases, but you can go much further and travel with our travel bags, backpacks or more elegant toiletries.


    Misako sport collection

    A male sport line could not be missing. Here, accessories made of nylon predominate, as well as lightweight materials and some more trendy textures such as quilts.

    These are modern products that, although they have been conceived and designed to accompany you in your most "busy" days, they can also accompany you in perfect harmony to your classes, the office or trips.