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    1. Flufy big shopper bag
    2. Jacky big shopper bag
    3. Jamba hobo bag
    4. Mamba hobo bag
    5. Malya shoulder bag jacquard
    6. Rolla bag

      Rolla bag

    7. Balanda-1 medium shopper bag
    8. Balanda medium shopper bag
    9. Michu shopper bag
    10. Mairi shoulder bag
    11. Palatina bag
    12. Roll bag

      Roll bag

    13. Work bag

      Work bag

    14. Berna bag

      Berna bag

    15. Danie bag

      Danie bag

    16. On sale
      Asian bag

      Asian bag

    17. Eco pop canvas shopper bag
    18. Veneti animal print bag
    19. Gali bag

      Gali bag

    20. Conti bag

      Conti bag

    21. Mairan big shopper bag
    22. Classique big shopper bag
      Last units

      Classique big shopper bag

    23. Simonetta tote bag in nylon
    24. Monogram big shopper bag
    25. Pompea bolso
    26. Balando shopper bag
    27. Livi shopper bag with computer pocket
    28. Lami bag

      Lami bag

    29. Merila shopper bag
    30. Deko shopper bag
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    Items 1-30 of 44

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    At Misako we like to do things big, so in our collection of women's bags we could not miss our range in a slightly larger size and with all the style that has always characterized us. A large bag is an essential accessory in any wardrobe, and sooner or later we will have to carry more things than we need, because it's better to have too much than too little!

    Besides, even if it's big, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have style, as we always take care of it to the maximum. You can find them in shopper, hobo, mailman, bowling, bowling and many more.


    Maxi bags: Comfort and space for your day to day

    Normally carrying a small bag can always be a bit uncomfortable, you can always choose to carry a medium size, but, the truth is that for things like going to work or places where we spend many hours we always need many more things apart from the keys and wallet. That's why we can't always carry a small or mini bag.

    Aspects such as a toiletry bag or a document or diary become more necessary or very much appreciated. That's why carrying a large, stylish and unobtrusive handbag is an ideal option for many women and men.


    Combine them as you like with your accessories

    And thanks to our Misako collections, you can combine your large or maxi bag with its matching toiletry bag, pouch, purse or wallet and even choose one of our bag organisers so that you always have everything to hand.


    Big Bags: Quality and Quantity

    The best perfumes don't always come in the smallest bottles, and at Misako we know that. And that's something you can see just by looking at the look, texture and finish of our large bags. Suede, peach, suede and patent leather in soft and neutral colours are the star colours for this season - you're sure to fall in love with one of them!

    And, as always, we rely on the latest in the best trends so that you have an exquisite product at your fingertips, and for a unique quality-price ratio! We choose the best materials and formats so that our accessories are something you will always want to carry with you. High quality fabrics, closures and seams worked to the maximum are some of the pillars that we want for our bags. In addition, because of their functionality, our large bags are ideal as gift items for women.


    The ideal bag for getaways and trips

    Our large bags are the perfect shape and ergonomics if you have to face a long journey or need to put it in your suitcase at some point. Our models with shoulder straps are perfect for carrying them more comfortably at any time of the day without having to hold them more directly, so you can also combine them with your suitcase and travel accessories!

    Haven't you placed your order yet? Check now our purchase and shipping policy, receive your bag or accessory comfortably in the comfort of your home, take a look at all our online and outlet products!

    Still haven't made up your mind?