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    1. Bolet small suitcase
    2. Estri large suitcase
    3. Estri medium suitcase
    4. Estri small suitcase
    5. Kikas maleta pequeña
    6. Turbo medium suitcase
    7. Turbo small suitcase
    8. Flower small suitcase
    9. Estrella large suitcase
    10. Estrella medium suitcase
    11. Estrella small suitcase
    12. Roma maleta grande
    13. Roma medium suitcase
    14. Roma small suitcase
    15. Leslie small suitcase
    16. Leslie maleta grande
    17. Leslie organizer

      Leslie organizer

    18. Turbo big suitcase
    19. Lili small suitcase
    20. Lili medium suitcase
    21. Mina small suitcase
    22. Mina medium suitcase
    23. Mital printed toiletry bag
    24. Mina big suitcase
    25. Binilus big suitcase
    26. Binilus medium suitcase
    27. Picu recycled nylon laptop bag with independent strap
    28. Flower toiletry bag
    29. Bolet small bag (13 inches) (13 inches)
    30. Bolet large bag (15 inches) (15 inches)
    31. Cros big suitcase
    32. Cros maleta mediana
    33. Estris maleta
    34. Flower pencil case
    35. Gomy portaordenador (15,6 pulgadas)
    36. Gomy funda (13 inches)
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    Complete your travel with our accessories

    If you think a trip consists only of carrying a suitcase, you have not seen all our sets and accessories. In Misako we consider the baggage as a whole, and that’s why we have tried hard to take the idea of "set".
    That's why also each of our designs carries a whole series of accessories that you can complete your collection and have a baggage with each of its details and useful. Always with the style and personality that you like most!

    Misako creations

    As you know, like all our accessories and articles have the personality and design that characterizes us. We share again the love for patterns in vintage inspiration and the most cheerful and colourful geometric drawings.

    We back to play with waterproof and resistant textures functional and pleasant touch. This type of finishes plays a very important role in items such as toiletries, so we can take them smoothly in the suitcase and place it on a damp surface without fear of spoiling or damaging what is inside.
    In addition, this type of textures makes them very easy to wash, and make them ideal for daily use, take to work or travel.
    The pencil bags can also be used as a make-up case or to carry pencils or pens, whatever, they get the same patterns because they have a very good finish to be washed and resist.

    Complete Set

    In Misako we love the details but not only because the product, in the whole set, that's why we have created collections of the same style: more ethnic like Texas or more Vintage like Damascus or Lupe. Also more serious and masculine lines like Pepa and even flirty patterns like Lupe or Alejandra. A floral touch that you will love!

    Add it now and you could have the style that you like most: the large suitcase, the cabin bag, the travel bag or weekend bag, the vanity case, the case and the purse. Voilà! The result is amazing, and there is nothing like knowing how to travel and take everything organized with style.

    You can also find folding and flexible cloth bags to organize better your luggage inside the suitcases, and even to organize clothes in the cupboards or make the purchase. You choose how to make a better use of it!

    Our essentials: bag and laptop bag

    We are lovers of toiletry bags, purses and small details. It seems that Misako's style looks much more! In addition, they are ideal as a gift or details. However, we have created items that are increasingly essentials in your journey: the laptop bag, for example, so imperative among many accessories, especially in our business trips, and the bag of course! A flexible laptop bag easy to carry on your trips has been one of our priorities. Have not you seen them yet? Ideal to put them inside the suitcase and go more freely at the airport or when you don’t have many room.

    Still have not chosen your favourite Misako add-ons? See all the information about our products in any of our physical stores or purchase from your home comfortably at our online store.