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    1. Islandia maxi scarf
    2. Irland maxi scarf
    3. Ralla maxi scarf
    4. Degra maxi scarf
    5. Bifaz maxi scarf
    6. Belens maxi scarf
    7. Square maxi scarf
    8. Solid maxi scarf
    9. Basic scarf

      Basic scarf

    10. Beni hat

      Beni hat

    11. Moto gloves

      Moto gloves

    12. Carlota gloves
    13. Chenilla scarf
    14. Ucrania scarf
    15. Carla gloves
    16. Punk gloves

      Punk gloves

    17. Matric foulard
    18. Geoban foulard
    19. Trama foulard
    20. Malote foulard
    21. Lisopoli foulard
    22. Panton foulard
    23. Ricardi foulard
    24. Guai foulard
    25. Biguai foulard
    26. Llama foulard
    27. Cuadrado foulard
    28. Greys foulard
    29. Bloque foulard
    30. Floresplis foulard
    31. Flori foulard
    32. Jurasico foulard
    33. Hojita foulard
    34. Leogris foulard
    35. Romo foulard
    36. Rosal foulard
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    Items 1-36 of 159

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  •  Complete your look with Misako accessories

    It is said that happiness is in the small details! That's why our details added to your day-to-day style will be the finishing touch for your complete outfit. Bagspurses, backpacks and laptop bags are our specialty and essential fashion items, but in Misako we have decided to do a step ahead and we put at your disposal many textile items and accessories for your daily look. 

    High jewellery: ethnic, natural and classic

    The jewellery is an element you can’t avoid because if it is made with taste there is nothing better than adding a bright element to your look. For Misako we wanted to offer quality jewellery, full of details and meticulously worked.
    Far from offering more noble metals and stones, we wanted to beautify some quality materials that are not only beautiful also anti-allergenic, matching them with crystals and natural fibers that give you that bohemian touch.
    As with the rest of our products, in jewellery we have chosen by ethnic touches, boho, elegant and even more rough, or natural and purely classical.
    Surely you will find your ideal jewel!

    Foulards and scarves Misako Safe bet!

    With this kind of accessories we have also wanted to play with the personality that so characterizes Misako, the more south-eastern patterns, the ethnic inspiration and in general the bohemian touches, with very soft and warm fabrics these patterns are always followed for many people in our foulards or scarves.
    We also have scarves with fabrics similar to the wool, with braided or with worked. You can find the most colourful scarves, cheerful and voluminous to the most classic and with more style. Choose the colour you want! You can combine them with your bag or clothes to create the perfect matching.
    In addition, you can add any of our caps to complete your winter look, choose the most classic and flirty tassel up for a hat. You won’t resist! In addition, they are always perfect if you want to make a gift.

    Belts, a classic we love!

    A classic that is always useful and gives a very boho and classic touch to our looks. Give your jeans a touch of the Sixties with one of our brown belts with flower patterns, simply or more formal touch your khakis or dress pants with any of our black or brown belts with a touch of double gold.

    Some Umbrellas. Won’t be any rain stops you!

    The umbrellas are loaded with style, they are very happy and they also say a lot about you and your personality. In Misako we are in love with umbrellas! And they are a complement that will be used always and to which you can give the most personal touch. That's why we have a selection that will make you fall in love with our prints, floral attributes and colors that go with trends. In addition, they are foldable so you can store it in any of our bags or suitcases. The rain won’t stop you anymore!