Travel accessories on Sale



Travelling is not free, unfortunately. So getting your travel accessories at a reduced price is a relief. And this is possible thanks to Misako's discounts on accessories, so don't miss out!

When you think of travel accessories, you probably think that the main element is the suitcase, but that's not all! Toilet bags, folding bags, weekendbags, bag organizers, name tags... The time has come to check your wardrobes and renew accessories.

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Organize your trips with Misako

There are many factors to take into account when organizing a trip, but the most important of all, without a doubt, is the duration. The longer you are away, the more storage space you will need.

Travelling suitcases

Choosing a suitcase will depend on what you need to carry in it. At Misako we divide these sizes into three: small suitcases, medium suitcases and large suitcases. However, we also have other complements such as travel bags and trolley cases.

The large suitcases are ideal for long trips that require a lot of storage space, the medium ones for short breaks and the small ones to take your essentials with you on much more express trips.


Cabin baggage

Cabin baggage is the perfect ally for escape lovers. Although the great challenge is to prioritise changes of clothes and personal belongings, if you manage to minimise your load you will save on bills and drag weight wherever you go.

This is a category that is totally incompatible with "just in case", so be aware of this when planning your trip.


Travel accessories

It is difficult to travel without a suitcase or travel bag, but travelling without any accessories can be even more difficult. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Let's remind you of some basics: the lock on your suitcase, your ID, bags for your shoes, a fanny pack, toilet bag, folding bags... We could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs, although it's best to take into account at least three unforeseen events that may arise or know that you'll need and carry the solution with you.