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    Large suitcases from Misako

    If you are an authentic adventuress and you like to travel all over the world to all kinds of places, you will need to keep your luggage well stored. That is why the large suitcases of Misako will offer you the greatest comfort, we have an extensive catalogue which we offer some models that have a huge capacity so you can make even the most demanding trips.

    In Misako you will find the suitcase you need. We have a large number of models available with different shades, shapes and sizes. We offer you some unique and exclusive designs that will make the suitcase you choose not only useful, but also very attractive, and will cause a great sensation at the airport. Choose the suitcase that best suits your needs, put all your clothes and accessories in it, take your flight and ... bon voyage!

    What kind of large suitcase do you prefer?

    Choosing a large suitcase can be complicated, because sometimes we don’t know the materials which are made of, but in Misako we have a really good collection among which you can choose between rigid suitcases or more flexible models. Depending on what you need at any time, we recommend you choose one or other model, previously knowing the advantages that each one offers you.

    The more flexible suitcases usually give us a greater capacity, because they are easily manageable and allow us to put more stuff, so they can become a little bit deformed. The large flexible suitcases of Misako are lightweight and very comfortable to carry, made of materials such as nylon or polyester, being ideal for a long trip and are also very resistant to moisture.

    If you prefer a bigger hard suitcase, in Misako catalogue you will also find different models. You will differentiate them quickly because they are harder than the previous ones and have the advantage they are easily cleaned. Which of these models are you going to choose?

    Capacity and colour in our large suitcases

    Besides its capacity, another point that make us choosing for a large suitcase is the colour. The design is basic, that's why in the Misako catalogue we launch a huge range of models with different decorative elements and colours.

    If you are a classic person, you can choose large suitcases with dark tones. Blacks, blues or greys never go out of fashion! Giving that touch of colour that you like so much, we also have suitcases in more striking tones, as red, pink or purple, could not be missing in our catalogue.

    And if you are more daring and want to get a unique design, what do you think about choosing any of our suitcases with decorative elements? We have them for all tastes, from flowers to mosaics, you can even choose one with moles. Of course, all of them can be matched in different colours so that your suitcase can reflect your personality.

    Match your large suitcase with other items

    In Misako we think about everything and we know that if you go on a trip you will not only need a large suitcase, it’s also important to take another hand bag or smaller accessory. If you have already chosen your main suitcase you can check around our website and look at smaller ones that will combine perfectly with the first one.

    We have cabin suitcases or trolleys with the same designs that shown large suitcases, as well as other medium ones in case you want to make a shorter trip, but you want to keep retaining the style of your luggage.

    If you dare, you can do with the complete pack. So you can have on hand any suitcase you need and above all, they have an excellent value for money and you will receive your order at home in a few days. Do you have everything ready for your trip?