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    1. Feli small toiletry bag
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    3. Binilus vanity case
    4. Mica toiletry bag
    5. Saska toiletry bag
    6. Pasey vanity case
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    10. Kan Kan vanity case
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    Items 1-10 of 29

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  • Toiletry bags for keep safe your cosmetics

     We could be very tidy (or at least pretending to be until we become), but the truth is when we have to take our make-up (in case of women) from our bag to our suitcase, or from one bag to another, we don’t know why but it always ends up being a disaster. And then, that disaster affects the state of our cosmetics, which always suffer damages... and where have been placed adversely suffer with them.

    A few colognes and some lipsticks scattered by suitcases and bags later, in Misako we’ve launched our collection of small bags and toiletry bags so that you can take what you need to the place you want or, simply, have it even more organized at home. Stop moving the make-up and let the lipstick end up lying anywhere and also to tear the rouge. We bet for the utility and for being useful with some products of great quality.

    Different sizes in your toiletry bags for any use you want to do

    What are we going to carry in our vanity cases? That's the first question we have to ask ourselves before buying one. Indeed, we want to move our most basic makeup in the suitcase, in our bag or in a backpack, maybe the dimensions we need are rather small because you already know, you have to save space in these cases as far as possible. And if we talk about a suitcase, even more.
    And, on the other hand, if you want is a toiletry bag to keep at home all our cosmetics, make-up or your shaving kit, not only used for this, also if you put shampoos, deodorants or perfumes, you will need one bigger and also more resistant.
    The thing is we have all of them in Misako to show you, once again, because we know how to adapt your needs and show, step by step, to our personal care how valuable they are ... and we don’t want to let them away, no way!

    Different patterns for everyone

     In Misako we believe that the important thing when purchasing an accessory such as a handbag, a suitcase or a toiletry bag is very important to know the use that is going to do, but we also consider it essential that we are aware that it is going to be something that will come with us for a long time and we have to feel tremendously at ease with.

    That’s why we have put at your disposal, both women and men, a collection that touches all kinds of shapes, colours and patterns so each of you can get the one that goes with your personality, with the one that goes the most your likes and the one that better combine with what you create you must matched.
    In plain colours, in two-shades prints, with combined material, with floral patterns ... You can choose the essentials that best suits your lifestyle and your day by day. And many of them, as some of our basics such as bag organizers, are available in prints that also combine with our handbag collections that you can look more satisfied with your purchase.

     Other uses for toiletry bags

     One of the advantages of having a toiletry bag is we never have enough. Or what means the same, it’s a safe bet which always will find a use to give. If we already have where to put our hygiene items, we have a bag to carry the makeup in the bag and another to leave at home or we have where to keep our colonies and, suddenly, we get another bag ... Nothing happens! Because soon we'll give it another use.

    And apart from for its first functionality, toiletry bags by Misako can also be used as pencil cases to keep pens or like when we carry them in our purse or in our backpack, they can be used as an accessory inside the handbag or even in the beach bag to put the most important things, and what we want to be safe from all the rest and thus achieve find it fast ... Or we can even take one and take it as a small handbag on summer nights or for going to a quick purchase. Can be used for everything!
    Have we convinced you to buy a new vanity case from the Misako collection? As we are sure you do, we let you browse through our catalogue and start to check those you like most. Hurry up before them run out!