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    Misako travel toiletries

    When going on a trip there are many things that are essential in your luggage, and toiletries are one of the items that can't be missing in your suitcase. Keeping them safe is of great importance, so a toiletry bag will be your best ally for this.

    Misako's travel toiletry bags are the complement you need in your suitcase, they will help you to have all your personal hygiene products in the same place. Easy to locate, all in one place and will avoid a mess in your luggage if any liquid spills.


    Keep your cosmetic products organised with Misako's travel toiletry bags.

    Packing is one of the most stressful parts of travelling, but finding the right toiletry bag for your cosmetics and toiletries can make the process much easier. Whether you're heading off on an epic holiday or just a quick weekend getaway, you need to make sure your favourite products arrive in one piece.

    These travel toiletry bags are one of the most practical accessories. They have different compartments to separate your toiletries from your make-up, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

    Plus, when you get to the hotel, just take your toiletry bag to the bathroom and you'll have everything stored in one place. When it's time to go home, say goodbye to having to spend time gathering all your products and fitting them back into the small suitcase.


    Travel toiletries to keep the rest of your luggage safe

    We've probably all experienced this: the dreaded moment when you realise that your facial cleanser, shampoo or nail polish has completely exploded in your suitcase, leaving permanent damage to clothes and valuables. Quite a drama.

    There is a solution to this dreadful problem: suitcase toiletry bags. It's one of the necessities every traveller needs. Able to keep your most valuable possessions intact while you're adventuring around the world.

    Whether you're looking for a small, stylish toiletry bag or a fun, printed travel bag, at Misako we've got what you need. Stylish designs, but more importantly, sturdy travel cases to store all your accessories.

    They are made with materials that, thanks to their water-resistant interior, protect the rest of your bag from spills and leaks. Plus, the exterior prevents breakage or damage to the cosmetics inside.


    A travel toiletry bag for every getaway: a wide variety of designs

    At Misako we have the perfect accessory for every occasion, we love the little details and we make sure you find the accessory you are looking for with our extensive collections.

    We have travel toiletry bags in a range of sizes. Small travel toiletry bags are ideal for weekend getaways, but we also have large toiletry bags with multiple compartments for longer holidays. The right size to match the rest of your luggage.

    Take all your favourite products on your adventures, taking up just the right amount of space for each occasion. So you don't have to waste space in your suitcase. Perfect for packing in your luggage bags or carry-on suitcases.

    And the best part? You don't have to compromise on style, we've got plenty of styles to go with you everywhere you go. Retro lines, classic style, patterned or shabby chic, choose your favourite and take it with you on all your getaways.

    Fashion victim tip: Our toiletry bags have such original designs that using them only for travel is complicated. You can take advantage of their small size to take them to university or to the office as cases. Your work material with the most stylish accessory.

    Dive into our wide range of Misako travel cases. You'll have everything well organised in your suitcase and your belongings won't run the risk of being damaged by spilled liquids. Which toiletry bag will be your next travel companion?