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    With its own light: Misako party bags

    Party bags have always been an essential, classic and very beautiful item. That's why we all have a couple of party bags that we keep with zeal in the closet, waiting for that dress, ceremony or special date to take it out and show it off to the fullest.

    In Misako we decided to reinvent the party bags so they were no longer airtight or a one-night stand, that's the reason we wanted to create a party bag that was also very easy to wear one summer night to a dinner or a weekend in the centre.

    And also for special dates! Misako features an elegant and sophisticated line of party bags perfect to match with your evening look or take any ceremony, but with a much more natural and free spirit. Choose your favourite style, colour or ideal pattern. And do not think that they will have a short life: we are sure that our party bags will not end up in the corner of your closet after using them in a single occasion, we are sure that you couldn’t resist to go without it to any event.

    Evening bags with sequins, glitter and natural leather

    We believe in glamour touches! That is why we have exploited our vintage character to the maximum but in a much freer way. We wanted to create a small bag, simple but with many details, patterns, stones and above all ... sequins! Recreating a bit of a 20s inspiration we have chosen scales in gold followed by more ethnic geometric shapes in ochre and copper. You will fall in love with! Fantastic for your dresses in plain colours but also for your weekend look.

    On the other hand, you can also find other simpler lines such as natural skin in black, brown and warm colours. Colours combined even with silver and gold to give a much more festive touch. The high quality leatherette is also present in this collection if you are looking for a much cheaper accessory.

    In addition, these more simple party bags will be an accessory or perfect complement also for weekends as a handbag without having to be so daring with your look.

    Gala's Quality

    Our party collection could not be less, that's why we have not spared the least to put everything on our part so that the result is an exquisite accessory at an ideal price.

    All our Misako creations in party bags have a background work of stylists, so it’s that kind of stylish accessory that you were looking for and that you want to wear on more than once. Our sartorial work in them is obvious, some worked seams, magnetic closures and resistant zippers on soft and quality fabrics will be aspects that define your Misako party bag.

    And also, our party bags are combinable with many Misako accessories. Combine your Clutch with a small purse and carry only your essentials. Also accessories such as tassels or pompoms! And a mini bag? Everything will depend on the size of the party bag you choose. Check now our entire range on our website and add your favourite bag to your shopping cart. You will receive it in a few days where you indicate! You won’t resist!