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    Misako travel accessories for suitcases and trolleys

    The excitement of organising a trip is unique, we love to travel the world in search of new adventures. Luggage is essential to be able to look your best throughout your time away, so packing your suitcase and hand luggage is a must.

    But do you want to be super-prepared for your adventure without compromising on style? Explore our section of accessories for suitcases and travel trolleys, we help you take care of the little details that will make all the difference.


    Secure your belongings with our suitcase accessories

    Travel accessories for suitcases are designed to help you travel the world in comfort, and above all, avoid any mishaps.

    There is nothing more important than protecting your belongings, whether at the airport, on the way to your accommodation or at the hotel. Securing your personal belongings can prevent you from having a hard time during your trip.

    Carrying a suitcase lock will ensure that your belongings are totally secure. They won't be able to open it in the hustle and bustle of the airport or you'll be able to leave the hotel without worrying that all your belongings are in plain sight.

    Suitcase covers provide extra security, protecting the case of your suitcases and making it even more difficult for them to be opened accidentally. This is a perfect ally, whether you're checking in or taking your suitcase with you.

    Sudden movements during transport are common and can help protect your suitcase. They are even useful for conveyor belts, they will make sure your suitcase comes home clean and undamaged.

    Here's an extra tip! How many times have you been afraid of being overweight in your luggage? Let's face it, it happens to us all the time. We fill our suitcase to get the best outfits for the trip and when we get back home our hearts freeze until we check that we haven't overpacked.

    Using a digital travel scale can help you avoid these "mini heart attacks" at the airport, you can use it before you leave home and take it with you in your handbag. This way, you can check that your weight is in order with everything you've bought at your new destination.

    If you've overdone it, take a breath and keep calm, the trick of putting on layers and layers of clothes never fails. You'll have time to organise how you're doing thanks to the scales.

    Browse our extensive collection of travel accessories and find everything you need to keep you feeling confident. You won't have to worry about your suitcase, you'll just have to enjoy yourself.


    Travel more comfortably with the best luggage accessories and trolleys

    Our luggage accessories and trolleys make your life easier when you're away from home. We've got everything you need to make it happen.

    Organising your suitcase is always a challenge, and packing all your clothes for when you get home is even more of a challenge. Misako's travel organisers allow you to keep everything close at hand, even organising your looks with dividers. You'll be able to know where your shoes, underwear or t-shirts are without having to unpack your suitcase.

    Identifying your suitcase as soon as you see it is also important, use a stylish suitcase identifier to keep up with the latest trends or a suitcase strap that has an extra function: protecting and marking your suitcase. Two must-haves that you can't miss on any trip!

    Another must-have for a good adventurer is to use an undetectable fanny pack to carry your most important documents or your travel money. It is difficult to see with the naked eye thanks to its ultra-thin design.

    And for extra convenience, a water bottle pouch. There's nothing more annoying on a trip than having to wander all over the place to find a place to buy water at an exorbitant price.

    Travelling with Misako luggage accessories and travel trolleys has never been so convenient and easy. Keep your belongings safe, organise your suitcase easily and travel in style with our fashionable accessories. Now all that's left to do is enjoy - bon voyage!