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    Card holders for women by Misako

    How many times we had to put lots of cards in our portfolio and we have lacked room? We carry so many things that sometimes we need a little more space. That's why Misako card holders for women are a perfect solution to carry all your cards on top and be fully accessible, because these small purses have a large number of compartments, so you can carry all the cards you want and each one in the right place.

    Although our wallets also have many compartments, card holders are perfect if you are a girl who carries all kinds of credit cards, visiting or other similar cards. Keep everything you need handy with these card holders and choose the one you like best that matches your purse and your style.

    Small purses are a great salvation!

    How many times have you cursed carrying a big purse in which it's hard to find your card when you need it?

    Do you hate those queues that form and even more that you are the cause of it? With our women's wallets, there's no more desperate rummaging through your purse.

    Separate, tidy and always have your coins, documents and payment cards at hand with Misako's small wallets - even the price is mini!

    Find the card wallet that fits your needs and style. Forget about heavy wallets.

    A wallet with a small card holder makes it easy for you to find that coin or ID card at the right time, quickly, nimbly and, of course, stylishly.

    If you are looking for maximum comfort and love to be fashionable, buying a smaller wallet will be your best choice.

    A very useful card holder

    The card holders for women are very practical purses, because we can have all the cards that we need to take with us anywhere. Many times we couldn’t use any card because it did not fit and we left at home or we didn’t find it among so many we had mixed in our portfolio. For that reason in Misako we give you the solution with a small purse where you can have them all well-kept, being easier to find them when we need and occupying little space in our bags.

    Therefore, it is a very useful accessory for those women who have many cards and want to take everything well organized. In addition, it is a very comfortable way to have everything at hand without our portfolio appears bloated.

    Choose your card holder for every occasion

    Within the catalogue of card holders we have in Misako you can find a wide range of these accessories according to your likes and style. You have the opportunity to choose between square or rectangular card holders depending on the number of compartments you need. They are also available in different colours and designs, and then, as they have a plain design we can match with any kind of bag without influencing the preparation of our look.

    In addition, these card holders are made of materials such as leatherette, polyurethane or polyester, so they are very resistant to use. And another peculiarity is that you could choose between several formats: with zip (being absolutely closed), with a clip or magnet button (which makes it semi-closed and faster to open) or combining both forms with a part with button and another with a zipper.

    Quality and good price in purses with cardholders

    At Misako we always bet on offering quality products. For this reason, the card holders of our catalogue have been manufactured with the best materials through a very detailed process. All the items you will find in our catalogue are fantastic, with a very affordable price, because the value for money in Misako is always a point that we take care of so much to satisfy all your needs.

    In addition, you can get one of our card holders easily from our online store, where you can buy all the accessories you need, place the order and wait a short time, because you will bring you directly to your home with the greatest comfort. We also offer you with different payment methods, such as credit cards, which you can keep in one of these useful and attractive card holders. Still have not opted for any? Have a walk in our catalogue and get the card holder that you like most. For sure you will love to wear it!


    Types of women's wallet wallets Don't know which one to choose?

    White purses, black purses; purses with or without a zip... Don't know what kind of women's purses to buy? Whether as a gift or for yourself, choose always thinking about the use it will be given.

    Need to carry loose? Opt for a card holder purse with a zip in at least one compartment. You'll avoid the loose one falling out and not being there when you're going to use it.

    Do you travel often? A wallet purse is the ideal solution: you have space for your boarding tickets, you can carry it in your handbag without it taking up space, and you have quick access to your documents and credit cards in case of an emergency.

    And it's all neat and tidy thanks to the high capacity of the classic zippered coin purse models with accordion lining.

    Do you want it for everyday use? Our small wallets fit in a pocket or even in jeans bags.

    If you want a card wallet to carry your essentials to an event, the smaller ones are perfect.

    If you're looking for a men's wallet to give as a gift, check out our exclusive men's wallet accessories section.

    We have small, traditional style black men's purses and vintage card holder purses online.