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    Your medium suitcase to travel wherever you want

    If you are an authentic traveller and you like adventure, one of the biggest concerns is luggage, could we fit all in one suitcase? For sure with medium suitcases of Misako you will not have this problem, as we offer you a wide range in our catalogue, you could choose a comfortable suitcase to go everywhere and fit absolutely everything. Undoubtedly, our medium suitcases are ideal for short or medium-length trips and you will be happy to carry them because all our suitcases have different compartments. You will not leave anything on the ground!

    In Misako Collection, you will find all kinds of medium-size suitcases, with exclusive designs, different shapes and a great variety of colors and drawings so you could choose the suitcase that best suits your style. Which one do you prefer? Have a look at our Online Store, decide the suitcase that best suits your personality and then ... take the flight right now! Your next destination awaits you impatiently!


    All kind of design for medium-size suitcases

    A suitcase could be a very personal element and that’s why at Misako we offer the possibility to choose among a lot of designs, all exclusive that make the difference and characterizes all the products of our catalogue. How would you want your suitcase to be? If you are a classic girl, then take one of our smooth suitcases. The classic of all times, blue, burgundy or black, are the star tonalities, perfect if you go on a business trip too.

    In case that you like the most striking-coloured suitcases, in Misako you won’t have any problem, we also have medium-sized suitcases with flashy colours, among them are setting the trends of this year, beige and light blue as favourites. And in addition to this touch of colour, why not choosing a suitcase with a customized design?

    In our catalogue you will find suitcases with very attractive drawings, multi-coloured mosaics and fantastic prints. Now as spring is here, a flowery suitcase is not a bad choice. Choose the one you like most and do not delay preparing your luggage.


    Comfy and useful first, in all medium-size suitcases

    Far away are those so huge suitcases that we had to carry on our backs, now we can carry our luggage in a much simpler way, because the medium sized suitcases by Misako have wheels for easy transportation. In addition, they also have a handle at half height that will make carrying our suitcase filled of clothes be the most comfortable in the world. All this is essential to consider in all your travel accessories.

    But there is much more, because in our extensive catalogue of suitcases, we also have items with lots of compartments. It is great to be able to put everything we need, for this reason, with our medium-size suitcases you could take everything from clothes, even the shoes or any of the accessories you need for your trip.

    Besides to all of this, another important point we have to highlight from the medium-size suitcases by Misako, is that they are made with the best materials. Do you prefer hard or soft suitcases? Doesn’t matter, because the pattern that you want, you will have it because we have all some models. The hard cases are more robust, durable and shockproof, while those that have been made with a softer material, are deformable, if you want to put more clothes into. Your choice will depend on the kind of traveller you are, which one do you stay with?


    Make a blissful match with your medium-size suitcase

    If you already know which one is your medium size suitcase, then now is the time to have a look to other items at Misako catalogue to acquire that one that perfectly matches with the suitcase you have chosen. You can choose among a huge number of products, so, whenever you go on a trip, you will go to the latest and totally combined. If you like your shoes and clothes to make a total symbiosis, why not with your suitcase?

    You can combine your medium suitcase with trolleys, another type of small suitcase perfect for short trips and especially business, very comfortable that also have the same designs and colours. Of course, we have larger suitcases, in case you want to get lost for several weeks somewhere in the world. And if you're a flirty girl, how about a matching handbag or toiletry bag. There's plenty to choose from!

    And if you're a flirtatious girl, what about if you take a handbag or a matching bag. There are so many to choose!
    The best thing is, whichever article you choose, you will have it quickly at home with non-extra cost, in Misako we always think about the comfort of our clients and for this reason, if you have a trip in sight, don’t doubt, take a tour of our online store and star to enjoy your new adventure right now!