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    Misako travel bags

    If your suitcase is too big and you can't fit everything you want in your backpack, browse our selection of Misako travel bags. Practical and functional, they're perfect for carrying all your clothes and belongings close at hand.

    You can carry them individually for a weekend getaway or combine them with your other travel accessories, such as large suitcases, bags or a matching toiletry bag. Make a style statement anywhere in the world with these on-trend designs.


    Travel bags: comfort and style for any adventure


    How many times have you had a last-minute weekend getaway and not had a suitcase the right size for the occasion? Not to mention that unexpected two-day business trip?

    These occasions happen more than we think and in the end, there are only two solutions: carry a backpack with crumpled clothes or pack a large suitcase for just a couple of outfits. It's time to put an end to this, travel bags are a basic accessory that can't be missing in your home.

    They make it easy to carry your belongings as they have a wide range of flexibility, allowing you to carry more or less luggage and have them fit. Travel bags and backpacks are ideal for spontaneous getaways as well as everyday use.

    Whether you're organising a weekend getaway or jetting off for a rest and relaxation holiday, you'll need the right luggage to accompany you on your travels.

    Travel bags are a must-have in every good traveller's wardrobe. They stand out for their great versatility and functionality thanks to the fact that they can be used individually if you need to travel with few belongings or combined with larger luggage.

    At Misako we have a wide selection so you can choose the right one for you. All our models are designed to follow the latest fashion trends, so you can travel in style.

    From printed travel bags to simple, minimalist designs that can be your best accessory for a business trip. They are made from quality materials to ensure they can go anywhere, and come in a laminated or flexible finish.

    Plus, they have special compartments inside to keep your devices and valuables organised and safe. An all-terrain accessory for an all-terrain girl.

    If you want to buy stylish and comfortable travel bags, take a look at our catalogue. You'll have everything at hand for your trip.


    Travel bags have a wide range of uses thanks to their versatility


    Who said that this type of bags can only be used for travelling? The characteristics and great versatility of this accessory allow it to be used on a wide range of occasions.

    Ideal to go to the gym and use it as a sports bag. Many of our models have a removable handle for carrying over the shoulder or across the body. All of them are designed to be carried comfortably in the hand.

    They can also be used to go to the hospital, to take your little ones' belongings on a day trip, or for a change of look to go straight to the after-work get-together with your girlfriends.

    We have all kinds of designs, prints, colours and simple styles so you can find the perfect one for you. They will add so much style to your outfit that you will want to use them every day.

    Misako travel bags will be your favourite accessory to take on your every getaway, even for everyday use! Carry all your belongings by hand with unique style and comfort.