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    1. Cacao bag

      Cacao bag

    2. Cove small shoulder bag
    3. Sigerson tote bag with shoulder strap
    4. Demar medium tote bag with shoulder strap
    5. Frati medium tote bag with shoulder strap
    6. Frati shoulder bag

      Frati shoulder bag

    7. Botanic folding bag
    8. Kratos small shoulder bag
    9. Casete Bolso Mini
    10. Cielin party bag

      Cielin party bag

    11. Green Gang large shopper bag in recycled nylon printed green
    12. Ecasian sustainable poly leather shopper bag
    13. Ecolito small tote bag with sustainable leather with strap
    14. Ecoli large tote bag with sustainable leather with strap
    15. Green Gangs recycled nylon mobile bag green print
    16. Green Gangs-1 logo recycled nylon mobile bag
    17. Friendlita recycled nylon tote bag with contrast strap
    18. Friend recycled nylon bag with contrast strap
    19. Friendly recycled nylon bag with shouder bag
    20. Engri small shoulder bag
    21. Classi shoulder bag
    22. Espiga shoulder bag
    23. Frise shoulder bag
    24. Kradi mini bag

      Kradi mini bag

    25. Conti bag

      Conti bag

    26. Crali bag

      Crali bag

    27. Tokyo bag

      Tokyo bag

    28. Lami bag

      Lami bag

    29. Kiosko bag

      Kiosko bag

    30. Pompea bolso

      Pompea bolso

    31. Parchetes small shoulder and handbag
    32. Nelen bag

      Nelen bag

    33. Braula-1 small shoulder bag
      Last units

      Braula-1 small shoulder bag

    34. Classique big shopper bag
      Last units

      Classique big shopper bag

    35. Tokyo small shoulder bag
    36. Braula small shoulder bag
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    Items 1-36 of 301

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  • Your bag, the eternal accessory

    Could you imagine our life without bags? Besides, this accessory is a classic that has always been in the movies, fashion, catwalks and high fashion for a long time. They have had to reinvent themselves over the years, furthermore, many huge brands would be nothing without them.

    We have had all kinds and sizes, but in Misako we have a very clear concept; It is an eternal accessory.
    Therefore, we could not miss the opportunity to make an obeisance to this accessory and also all parts of the fashion and universe that brings, with our personality and point of view.

    Vintage bag for the Honeymoon

    Despite of the saying that assures that any past time was better, in Misako we have preferred to create a new generation of bags of different styles but with retro inspiration, classic, bohemian... but very trendy. We reinvent ourselves!
    We love handbags, and everything that comes with it, we could not fail to rescue classic formats and styles such as the bucket bag, the postman, mini, clutch, totes, hobo or crossbody style with different kinds of handle and ways to wear it. Also backpacks! Definitely, basics that you always must have.

    Patterned, die-cut and canvas bags

    We based on the best trends and give it a proper identity. Our signature is evident, flowered pressing, edgings, colours and ethnic designs betrays us. The most serious tones and more formal styles are also one of our strongest bets. The natural and warm tones and also the neutral colours in leatherette will also be one of the bearings that define our bags, both for women and men.

    If you also want a plus in quality, you can also choose your suitable bag in natural leather, made of cow leather, a final touch that will makes you more sophisticated with a special touch. Choose between any of our authentic leather models!

    Details that make the difference

    All our creations are based on our love for the details, this is why our quality finishing touches make our bags an accessory so much charm. We seek in our handbags and other accessories a quality product with an unbeatable price. But this isn’t all, we want you take an accessory that even we would like to wear it. That's where our difference lies!

    Quality and quantity

    We are in love with a well done job! That's why all our bags have been made with the best and softest weaves, taking care of the dressmaking details as the seams, locking and zippers that are resistant to the past of time.
    When you buy a Misako accessory you are betting on a durable product, inspired by trends and that, in addition, resists your day by day faultless.

    Combine with other accessories!

    We love to combine everything, that's why our bags can go with many more Misako accessories. The dressing cases, suitcases and travel bags are just some of the examples you can choose for your set to be complete. You will not resist! In addition, any of our bags is great as a gift for its functionality and aesthetics features.

    Of course, if you like our selection of women bags, do not hesitate to take a look at the other accessories and complements, our laptop bags or the men's collection that we have available online.