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Although we have large discount bags such as shoppers, Misako's computer and document cases are the perfect complement to accompany you to your classes or to the office.

These complements are specifically designed to cover all your organisation needs. You will find that they have pockets, dividers, padded walls... And, although each case is different, they all have one thing in common: they are made with great care.

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    1. Worki laptop carrier
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      Jongi laptop bag

      Jongi laptop bag

    3. Bayun laptop bag
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      Curra laptop bag
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      Ilari small briefcase
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      Ilera briefcase
    7. Isma laptop bag man
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      Jarty laptop bag
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      Jerry laptop bag
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      Paul laptop
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      Mars laptop bag
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      Cordu laptop bag
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      Margi laptop bag
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      Lunas laptop bag
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    18 Items

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    The cases are a very useful and practical complement. Just as you protect your mobile phone with cases and screen protectors, your graphics tablets or laptops need the same care. Technology is delicate and therefore we cannot transport it in just any bag.


    Misako's cases have padded surfaces that will protect your most precious items from knocks when you are on the street, taking public transport or dropping your bag on the table.

    Besides, it is undeniable that it is much better to invest in a good briefcase than in a new screen, don't you think?



    At Misako we want you to erase all your preconceived ideas, your prejudices or "what should be". A backpack does not have to be sporty, a purse does not have to be big and a briefcase does not have to be formal. Or it does. That's up to you.

    We have a great variety of accessories and, in each category, we strive to offer you a wide range so that you can choose and feel identified with your accessories.

    That's why you'll find cases made of fabric, patent leather, nylon, patent effect, plain, printed, striped, with double short handle, with shoulder strap or hand strap. And, on top of that, SALES! Without a doubt, this is your opportunity.