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    What to give a man?

    Probably sometimes you want to gift something to your boyfriend, your brother, your father or a friend and you do not know what to choose. If you don’t want to get mad looking for something so special, we offer you a list of items by Misako, between which you can get the gift that most fits the likes of that man you want to have a detail. So, take a look and decide for one (or some) of these items that we launches because for sure you will get the right one and who receives it will be delighted with your gift.

    Belts and foulards for Men

    Men also like to dress up and dress well, so they use accessories just like women. One of the ideal accessories to complete a male look is a good belt. In Misako we have several models, different colours and shapes where you can choose the one that most matches the style of the man you are going to gift it to. This item could be a gift that never fails. However, we also have scarves and foulards for men. These are another great accessory, in addition to shelter is an item that can bring a different style to the more traditional male look.

    Organized Trips

    If the man who are you going to gift is one of those that travel so much, whether for pleasure or work, we have two gift ideas that will surely come great for you. The first of these ideas is a toiletry bag. This item is perfect for keeping all the toilet items together in one place well organized and at hand. In Misako there are several models that have a perfect size to carry in the suitcase. And about suitcases, another perfect gift could be a trolley. Here we have the model named Bass, which is a small suitcase with two wheels and rigid body available in two colours. It is perfect for both, weekend trips or work.

    Backpacks and hand bags for Men

    We have the fixed concept that women carry a bag and men carry a backpack or nothing. However, this is not like this and once more, men like carrying handbags exclusively designed for them. In Misako there are several models of handbags that are perfect for them to carry their things (wallet, keys, sunglasses ...) in a handy way when they go out. But if you think that doesn’t suit you, you can also choose a backpack, which has a larger capacity that you could store even more things if necessary. In Misako you will find some models with different colours, which contain lots of compartments where you can put everything you want to take with you.

    A perfect item for workman: the laptop case

    Misako also provides you a perfect gift for that hard-working man who has to walk up and down with his laptop in tow: the laptop case. This product is very current and increasingly fashionable. It is comfy, useful and with a casual touch that makes it the perfect accessory for the worker. It contains several inside-pockets where you can independently store different objects to carry with you, easily to find and well protected. Besides, it has a short handle to carry it by hand or a long strap to hang it from the shoulder according to likes.

    The essential of any man: the wallet

    What is it? A wallet, of course! Simple, useful and suitable for that man whom you want to have a detail and you know it will use for sure. In our catalogue, we have different models where you can choose the most suitable for him. With this gift he will have a place to store his money and credit cards in an orderly way, and with everything at hand, in a place that, besides being practical, is stylish. In addition, it is an item that can be combined with a men's hand bag if he wants to match it.

     E-GIFT CARD, an alternative option

    We have already made a fairly complete list of gift ideas for men, but if you still don’t decide what and you prefer to leave in his own hands, there is nothing better than gifting a gift card. Misako offers you the E-GIFT CARD with different amounts, so the one whom you want to have a detail could choose his own gift among all the items we have available in our stores. To buy the card you must enter the amount you want between three options: € 30, € 50 or € 100. Afterwards, he will receive an email with a discount code which he can make his purchase with the amount you have decided. With this gift, you will sure get it right without any problem.