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    Travel accessories for Men

    When we go on a trip we need several things to carry all our belongings with us in the best way. That's why in Misako we have created a male line of travel accessories so you can take everything you need to your next destination. In this way, you can move anywhere comfortably, but without losing style.
    In our catalogue you can find several accessories that will make your trip easier because you will not have to carry many things to carry your personal items everywhere. We recommend you to review our entire line of travel accessories and choose the one you like most and need for your next adventure.

    What could you find in male line by Misako?

    In our men's travel collection you can find different accessories that will make your trip easier and more comfortable. In our range of items for travelling we have different shapes and sizes of suitcases depending on the capacity you need according to the amount of things that you have to take with you. You will also find kits of different sizes depending on the capacity you require and even other accessories that you may need as a laptop cases.

    Whatever it is, in our catalogue you can find the solution to carry-on your belongings when you are going to move, either for pleasure or for work, and all this without forgetting the style that characterizes you.

    Which suitcase for Men do you prefer?

    The first thing you must have to go on a trip is a suitcase to put your clothes and accessories. For this, in Misako you have several models and sizes depending on the kind of trip you are gonna make. In our catalogue you can find trolley suitcases. These stylish suitcases have perfect measurements to travel to any city and especially for working reasons. They have wheels and an extendable rigid handle to carry on in a more comfortable way, or it also has a handle at the top for helping to move. In addition, it has several compartments so that you keep different things in them.

    But if you prefer, you can decide for weekend bags, which are more sporty and casual. Mostly have a tubular format and a soft structure. It consists of two handles with an adjustable shoulder strap to hang it on your shoulder. Its closure is a zipper and has a large main department and several smaller departments to put different things and everything is well organized and at hand.

    The toiletry bag, an essential accessory for a man

    When the subject of the suitcase is clear, another issue that needs to be controlled is how to carry personal hygiene items. For this reason, in Misako we have thought about some toiletry cases which fit all these things and don’t mix them with clothes and get lost or stained the garments. In the line of travel accessories we have several models of toiletry bags with different textures and sizes, depending on the amount of things you need to carry. Like this, you will have everything well organized and at hand in your toiletry bag and you will only have to leave a small space in your suitcase to store it.

    Misako toiletry bags have a rectangular shape to optimize the space inside your suitcase and have a zipper closure to keep it well closed and protect everything that goes inside. Some of them have external zippered pockets too. They also have an inside pocket for storing small items with another zipper and keep it safe. They combine different materials such as cotton, nylon and semi-leather, among others, creating elegant designs with sober lines, making them suitable for any man. Some of the toiletry bags have an outside handle to be carried with your hand.  

    Extra accessories for Men

    In the line of add-ons and travel accessories for men, besides suitcases and toiletry bags, you could to find other accessories such as laptop cases. These items are ideal for those work trips where you need to carry your personal laptop to work comfortably with your work tools, as well as to carry other objects that you also need such as documents or folders, among others.

    A laptop case is a kind of reinforced briefcase to protect your laptop from possible damages both external (shocks) and internal (scratches with other objects). Inside you can take everything you need for your work trip and not leaving anything at home. Have everything to hand in a safe and secure way. In our stores you will find some different models so you could choose the one you like most or the one you feel more comfortable. As you can see, in Misako we have thought in everything to make your next trip a pleasure and take all you need to enjoy it.