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    Leaving the house with your computer on your back is no longer an extravagance for senior executives or potential writers. For telecommuters and students, any corner can become an office - protect and decorate your device with MISAKO laptop sleeves!

    Notebook sleeves, why do I need them?

    Nowadays, no one would think of going without their mobile phone protected. We are aware of the importance of covering it with a case: we don't want to lose the information it holds, nor do we want to spend a lot of money on a new model. So how can you not protect your laptop when it is even more expensive than your smartphone? How can you not take care of it when it contains documents from your work, your classes, etc.? 

    Laptop sleeves... And don't panic!

    An unforeseen event at the wrong time can cause you to fail a degree project or misplace an extremely important report for your company. Will your teacher or boss understand? Better get a computer holder at MISAKO and don't put them to the test. 

    But beyond these undesirable incidents, let's be reasonable: buying a laptop sleeve in time is much cheaper than buying a new computer too late. 

    Your laptop sleeve, another fashion accessory

    If the security that a laptop sleeve confers isn't enough to convince you to buy one, its other benefits might. 

    We assume you're a fashion lover, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at a website like MISAKO. Did we get it right? Then you certainly don't like to spoil all the care you've put into your make-up, hair or choice of accessories because of a bland, dull and boring laptop sleeve. 

    Use this accessory to show off your style, creativity and good taste! Since you're going to have to carry your computer on a daily basis, why not do it with art? It's up to you: see computer cases as mere sacks to carry your laptop from one place to another or as stylish bags that can also protect your device. 

    What are laptop sleeves like?

    Decided to buy your laptop sleeve? Now you just need to know why you should trust MISAKO to buy it. We're not going to tell you the usual "our computer cases are the highest quality", "we offer the best prices on the market", "we have the widest catalogue"... What we are going to tell you is why we do all that:

    Quality padding

    If you buy a case for your laptop, it is to keep it protected, and this can only be achieved with good padding. That's why our computer cases are thick enough to keep your PC safe from bumps, drops, liquids and more.

    Comfortable handles and straps

    We don't just mean that they're the right length or that they're adjustable (which they are), but that they're designed so they won't hurt you. No sore necks or red hands from carrying your computer.

    Different sizes

    At MISAKO, we sell laptop sleeves in different sizes so that you can choose the model that best suits your preferences or needs. We have computer cases for the standard sizes of these devices (13, 14, 15 or 15.6 inches).


    You have enough with the weight of your laptop, so we offer lightweight cases so you can carry your computer without dragging it or looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Because elegance lies first and foremost in good posture.

    Endless colours for endless combinations

    In our online shop, you will find laptop sleeves in all colours: blue, red, pink, beige, camel, burgundy, purple, grey, navy, green, yellow, white, black... Even multicoloured! If you're one of those who combine every outfit with their bags, you're in luck, you can also do it with MISAKO's laptop cases.


    Last but not least, let's talk about the price of our laptop sleeves. Do we have models that cost around thirty euros? Yes, as well as items that cost half that or less. It doesn't matter if you have a budget of 30 euros or 10 euros, here you can buy an affordable computer case that meets all the conditions we have already mentioned. You won't be able to find more for less.