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  • Ornaments for bags: a personal touch for your accessories  

    In Misako we think that nothing makes the difference as much as a special and personal touch, that’s why with all our creations we decided to design a range of ornaments and removable accessories for your bag, cross body bag, backpack or suitcase have more fun  and charming touch. You will want to put them all!

    Keychains, pompoms and tassels

    We love our keychains! :) and we know you too, our pompoms and stuffed animals have a classic, fun and colourful touch. And without doubt, they will give you a very special touch in the place you decide to put them.

    They are great to place in the rings of the bag, but also in your backpack, suitcase or travel bag, will be wonderful one of our triple pompoms or key rings such as flamenco or unicorn.

    Our fringe tassels will be a simpler touch for any purse, choose a matching colour and it will be a flirty touch for any purse. But with no doubt, one of our stars are hairballs. A very funny and youthful touch for one of our leatherette bags! And in a travel bag? They will also be great, you can even put some of them and make your bag or accessory much funny with bohemian touch. You can also put them in your Misako purse and make it much more striking and beautiful, and then, of course: in the keys too! ;)

    Our printed shoulder straps

    One of the most comfortable ways to carry a bag is crossed over the chest, so all our bags have an extra strap you can enjoy your accessory in more than one style and format. However, we also decided to go one step further and create these removable straps with much more personality. We bet on patterns, tacks and animal prints. And of many textures!

    The first feeling is colourful and naturalness, it will give you a much more carefree, fun and authentic aura to your bag and even in the travel bag, like this you could take your weekend luggage with much comfort. Dare and combine more than one of our shoulder strap with one of our other accessories. We love!

    All our bags have the possibility to incorporate this extra strap, so it will be very simple and compatible for you.

    Ornaments for bags with an extra quality

    As in all our other articles, at Misako we are always looking for that resistible but stylish final finish. That's why our bag ornaments also have high quality. They will be a resistant ornament, like key ring or shoulder strap, all with a smooth surface with the best colours and floral patterns.  

    You can’t resist them with these stuffed animals, tassels and braces. Also, they are a great idea to complement your gift. They make us crazy!

    Haven’t you seen our entire portfolio of bag ornaments? Check our shipping policy and you get your order comfortably at home with your favourite bag, bags, backpack, bag or suitcase.