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      Raffia basket bag


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      Raffia effect shoulder bag

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    Bags in raffia and beach for Summery outfits

    The truth is that we are some confused, we do not know what we most like, if the summer time or the beach bags that come with it. It also happens to you? Then you have to keep reading because the next is coming will be so interesting for you, we are going to talk about our collection of beach bags and precious raffia for this summer!

    Summer handbags in different materials to keep safe your cream and towel, raffia bags of all sizes and patterns to be the envy of your friends and at the beach bar too... In Misako we have the beach bags you were looking for and also some little bags in raffia for your summer outfit to be exactly that ... very summery!

    If in summer time we incorporate new fabrics to our dresses and shirts, why not do it in our bags? We’ve prepared some series of novelties that you will get surprised with their design and quality.

    Wide range in raffia bags

    Whoever pronounced this sentence could not express itself much better and in Misako we couldn’t be so much agree. Maybe that's the reason we’ve decided to put at your disposal a lot of different designs on beach bags and raffia? That’s right!! Indeed!

    What we know it’s clear is that each one of you are so different and you have different likes and ways of seeing the life totally contrasting, so we wanted to try to satisfy as much styles as possible  within the same category of handbags, above all, you could feel related to them. There is nothing much grateful than wearing a bag, either to the beach or going out for a drink, one night in a summer nice terrace, with that bag you really feel so comfortable and really goes with your style. There’s something in Misako we have always had focused when launching our collections, and also for this year, about baskets and raffia bags are concerned, it wouldn’t be an exception!


    Useful Beach Bags for everytime

    Choosing what we want to take to the beach or the pool and what is better to leave at home seems, once more, a difficult task: towel, home keys and maybe the keys of the car, sunscreen, sunscreen for the hair, special cream for the face, cell phone, a book? a magazine? some notes? Ugh, so many things! But not least, so in Misako we take care about beach bags and we offer the size and enough space inside that you can use them without worrying if you do not have enough space.

    And also, when you finish from the beach and it's time to go out for a drink at the nice evening, you can choose between some models in our raffia bags, we have also designed especially thinking in each day, you can have a different needs and then, some bags to choose. Some with more zippers, different compartments inside, other shapes, clutch, satchel, cross body bag, shopper, with different handles ... Any bag you want any bag you need, among this selection in raffia bags by Misako you will find one for sure. We guarantee you!

    Buy online your beach bag in Misako

    The best of our selection in beach and raffia bags is that you can combine them with whatever you want! If it seems is not enough that lots of our beach baskets are so easy to wear on a daily basis (it’s a two for one), we will go further if we tell you that you can combine them with any outfit and you will always be great.

    If you want a bag that goes beyond the typical raffia colour (you know well, oldies but goldies!) to stand out even more of your look, in Misako we make it easier with our handbag selection in different colours and many formats. The good point is they look great both when you wear lots of accessories and also with a sober appearance, both with dress or pants, both with heels or sandals ... Whatever you want! And, in addition, some of them are made in combination with other materials (wood, for example) that give a touch even more sophisticated and current to your summery outfit.

    And, of course, an unbeatable quality-price relationship because, if one thing is clear in Misako, we always have affordable prices adapted to you while we always give you the best. Take advantage to the good weather, have a look in our catalogue and do not hesitate to renew your summer bag because in Misako this year we couldn’t make it easier for you. Fancy a look? We promise you that you will raise more than one glance when walking ...