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    1. Brody laptop backpack (15,6 inches)
    2. Explore backpack
    3. Duna backpack
    4. Acol laptop backpack (15 inches)
    5. Nuss laptop backpack (13 inches)
    6. Cordi backpack for men
    7. Cordu laptop backpack (13 inches)
    8. Danilo backpack for men
    9. Ness laptop backpack (13 inches)
    10. Bene backpack for men
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  • Backpacks for Men, to keep everything you need

    Increasingly, men carry more and more things with them when they go away and, therefore, they need something to keep everything arranged without pockets, of pants or jackets, lots of things, sometimes depriving them to move as usual.

    Far away are those days where you should leave things at home because you could not take them on. Now with men's accessories such as bags or backpacks, you can carry everything you need you without having to discard anything. In Misako we have thought in you and that’s why we have created a male line of backpacks where you can choose the one you like best. So, have a look and choose yours.

    Whom backpacks are for

    The male backpacks in our catalogue are aimed at men today. These who have an active and constant rhythm of life, who do not stop up and down and who need to carry many objects with them. This item is perfect for those men who need to carry not only the typical things that we all carry as home keys or wallet, but also for those who need to carry more things such as laptops, diaries, tablets, etc., elements that are bigger size and don’t fit in a bag or bum bag. For this reason, backpacks for men are perfect for those who need to carry things to class, to work, to travel or simply to go out and be able to carry what they want in a comfortable way.

    The backpack: an accessory very useful for your attire

    Although in our Misako stores we have different items that can do the same function as a backpack, the essential point of them is the comfort they provide. These items are made with some materials, which make them more comfortable when carrying them hanging on the back.
    The backpack for men is an accessory with functional basis made to cover needs and at the same time, they have been designed with style, adding a special touch to the male looks. Besides, they serve for almost any occasion in which you need to carry certain objects with you.

    Different style in backpacks for men

    The fact is in textile market there are plenty of backpacks for men of all kinds. However, in Misako we wanted to go further by creating a different line, original and special male backpacks which every man feels identified with and, what is even better, comfortable. Based on this, the backpacks of our catalogue are in different formats according to the style of each man. From an elegant class to a sporty style, going through a casual character.

    In Misako we have thought in all possible styles so that’s easier for you to choose the backpack that most fits your way of being and dressing. For this reason, this accessory gives a special and different touch to all men, making the best looks, without forgetting the main function of these articles: how useful they are.

    Misako men's backpacks, exclusive designs

    Some kinds and sizes in backpacks for men

    Within our catalogue of male backpacks, you can find different models which you can choose the one that best suits you according to your likes. Among them, you can discover backpacks with straight and elegant lines, as well as more modular and sports.
    All the backpacks are made up of several compartments, some with zipper and others with magnetic button closures so you can decide which one is more comfortable for you when taking something from inside. They consist of different sizes compartments so you can put large things in larger ones and smaller things in smaller departments so won’t lose anything. The inside of all the backpacks is lined with fabric and even some are padded to protect and separate things that require more care as, for example, a laptop.

    Each backpack is designed in a different way so their materials also differ. These backpacks are made with materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester or polyurethane, among others. In addition, they have different finishes, such as, for example, the imitation of leather effect, and other finishes such as matt. Also, they are decorated with disparate motifs, such as buckles, which give an original touch to the designs. Each model is special and, therefore, is made looking at all the details so they won’t leave you indifferent.

    The male backpacks come with two large handles to hang them from the back, which are padded for greater protection and are adjustable to be more comfortable and conform to our body. In addition, it has a small handle on top to hang it anywhere. Which one do you like most?