Backpacks on Sale



If you're just a purse guy, you haven't tried the backpacks, and the sales are the best time to do so! There's nothing better than being able to spread your weight over both shoulders and have your hands free. But if you don't dare to take the plunge, you can always keep an eye on Misako's sale bags.

We can understand that you had some reticence before as the bags were typecast in a sport style. But all that has changed. Comfort and style don't have to be at odds with the wide variety of backpacks that exist today.

Sizes, textures, designs and colours come together and combine to give you the most varied models.

We can't find products matching the selection.


At Misako, we want to go beyond textures or materials. Yes, we have fabric backpacks, also in nylon and, of course, the most elegant ones in patent leather.

But we want to put special emphasis on design, as this is what you have most valued in recent years.


Convertible backpacks

The versatility of a product is very important. We have realized that carrying a backpack is very comfortable, but carrying a backpack when and where you want is even more so. This is where our convertible backpacks come from.

You can play with the handles of these products and turn your backpack into a bag when it suits you best. So, it is possible to carry a bag when your load is small and change it into a rucksack after doing your errands and you need to distribute the weight on your two shoulders.


Anti-theft backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks are the most sought after. The peace of mind of walking around with your personal belongings protected under a zip attached to your back is another thing.

Travel, public transport, the city... The crowds of people are dangerous and force us to resort to wearing our accessories in unconventional ways such as in front of our chests. You can forget about all that with an anti-theft backpack, do you dare to try them on?


Backpacks for laptops

We are connected. This is an indisputable fact. We are so connected that when we are disconnected we feel incomplete. The mobile phone is part of us and tablets and laptops travel with us more and more often.

Technology is extremely delicate and needs to be protected from shocks and scratches on our journeys. That is why at Misako we have created a specific design for these occasions.

In these backpacks, your work tools will be perfectly protected by a consistent and robust padding.