Wallets and purses on Sale



Purses are a key complement to any oufit. Yeah, we know you can't see them. But that does not mean that they should become forgotten. Having a good wallet is synonymous with taking care of the small details.

And it's no use carrying a beautiful, new bag without a scratch if, when you go to pay for your coffee, your purse is full of frayed seams. So take advantage of Misako's sales and renew your purse, it's the best time!

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If we had to classify Misako's purses we would certainly do so by their size. Because the colour, shape or pattern is something totally secondary when you want to put your large-format purse in your mini bag. In this case you have two alternatives: look for a new bag or choose your purse well.

Let's analyse the second option.


Small purses

Small purses are tremendously practical. If you are one of those people who are not emotionally attached to tickets, this is your category!

Simple, useful, light and organized. That's your wallet. It doesn't matter if your purse is big or small, you don't need more. And if you need less, you can opt for wallet or card holders.


Medium size wallets

The medium format is, unquestionably, for the more indecisive. Just in case is your devotion and that's why you can't carry a mini purse, but you also don't trust that a very big purse will fit in your smaller bags.

A medium purse is a success in 99% of the occasions so don't doubt it, this is your complement!


Big purses

Big donkey walks or doesn't walk. Some of us are like that. Lovers of large format and XL accessories. Do you need so much space? Probably not, but what if you do?

Your cards, documents, banknotes, coins and other objects will be perfectly organized in your wallet and will be easy to find at any time.