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    1. On sale
      Engri small shoulder bag

      Engri small shoulder bag

    2. Fringi small bucket bag
    3. Braula-1 small shoulder bag
    4. Trencita shoulder bag
    5. Trady small shoulder bag
    6. Wizy small shoulder bag
    7. Tokyo small shoulder bag

      Tokyo small shoulder bag

    8. Mairita bag

      Mairita bag

    9. Adelina small shoulder bag
    10. Isto shoulder bag
    11. Bitri shoulder bag
    12. Lota mini shoulder bag for smartphone
    13. Flash mini shoulder bag for smartphone
    14. Kradi mini bag
    15. Swing bag

      Swing bag

    16. Delen small shoulder bag
    17. Delena shoulder bag
    18. Latori small shoulder bag
    19. Malima tote bag with shoulder strap
    20. Jambo small shoulder bag
    21. Mambo bolso bandolera
    22. Lluvia small shoulder bag
    23. Suru small tote bag with shoulder strap
    24. On sale
      Berna small bag

      Berna small bag

    25. Balcares small shoulder bag
    26. Remo shoulder bag

      Remo shoulder bag

    27. Tokyo bag

      Tokyo bag

    28. Tokyto mini shoulder bag in nylon
    29. Saska wristlet and cross body bag
    30. Charlas bag

      Charlas bag

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    Items 1-30 of 95

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  • Misako Messenger Bags: With a hippie heart

    For sure if we talk about cross bod bags you will know at once what bag format it is, because we all have an accessory like this. Maybe, what you don’t know is that accessory was on fashion around 70’s with the hippie movement and so much was the rage and practicality of this format, than now, every year all the best firms reinvent it.
    Although the original format was natural skin, there are also simple fabrics and very colourful embroidery, among others. In Misako, as always, we also reinvent it for you :)

    Cross body Bags with a nostalgic feel and retro touch

    Although the formats are more current in most cases, the relaxed and simple touch, ideal for weekends is something that will always give you a very special touch. You can take it for your parties, getaways and trips. Comfort will be your strong point!
    Also for this type of bags we have chosen for those vintage touches that you like so much. The finish of a satchel, stamped and printed with pastel-coloured touches, sky blue and camel are the stars of our shop windows. Ideal with jeans and your bohemian look! In addition we also keep a special place for classic airs such as burgundy, grey and neutral finishes with smaller, minis and stylish.

    The Most Practical

    This kind of bag is also perfect if you travel around, go to the class or to work. By subway, bus, train or walking, it’s a comfortable way not carrying the wallet and everything in your hands or arms.

    Your favourite Misako bag + Cross Body bag!

    The cross bodies are basically a bag, which can be for working outfits or also wear suits with, or to go out as a party accessory. There are many sizes! Just add a strap or a handle that will let you go comfortably to carry on the shoulder or crossed over the chest. As Good as It Gets! :)

    In Misako we wanted to make a little ode to that extra strap that often help us so much or makes the bag so attractive. That's why each of our bags, like shoulder bag or a party clutch or shopper bag, has that extra strap that you can put it on and take it off as you prefer.

    Cross bodies with 10 in quality and finishes

    As you well know, we love the well done job and we always want any of our accessories mean something that you like to wear and use repeatedly. We love that too! :) That's why we take care of the details to the maximum, the seams, closures and fabrics are the main characters! It will be a bag or accessory that you will always want to wear. You can buy it from your comfortable home and receive it soon thanks to our online service. You can check our shipping policy online below. Haven’t you seen our whole range of cross bodies yet? You can also match them with your favourite set or fashion accessory. Impossible to resist!