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      Notebook backpack (15,6")

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    A laptop backpack has to be attractive and have a good design, but the fundamental thing and in which you can not commit any type of slip is safety.

    That is why at Misako we have made sure that our computer backpacks are fully padded, so that they will protect any equipment from bumps, falls or possible shocks that we may suffer.

    In addition, we respond to the needs of our public and incorporate specific compartments easily accessible so that we can store both small objects such as cables, hard drives, headphones, keys as well as everything we need in our day to day such as water bottle, charger, books, etc. ...

    For the urban or traveler woman who spends the day between meetings, trips to school, the gym, lunch with friends and who carries her mobile and computer with all her professional and personal information attached to it, we have created a new collection of anti-theft backpacks that we recommend you to visit (some of them with water resistance).

    Specially designed for different sizes and that are comfortable

    Comfort is crucial so that we can carry our laptop in the most convenient way. For this we offer two fastening methods: both the classic with the adjustable straps that allow us to carry the laptop bag on our back as the handle so that we carry it in a closer way.

    On the other hand, we have different sizes available among which you can choose depending on your preference, although in all of them you will have enough interior space for the laptop. We carry standard laptop backpacks: 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, or 15.6-inch.

    The Best Laptop Backpacks for Every Day

    Backpacks have long been imposed on the laptop cases since they offered greater versatility, more capacity and greater comfort versus the elegance of briefcases. At Misako we have taken care of giving life to this type of complement that we trust to transport our laptop to school, university or work.

    Are women's laptop backpacks our perfect new fashion accessory?

    From Misako we have already seen how hundreds of women introduce this accessory in their daily outfit, allowing them to be in tune with their appearance. Do you have any questions?

    Why choose a backpack to carry your laptop?

    The computer backpack has always been the most comfortable option to carry our laptop anywhere. With these models that we offer we have the best of briefcases, which is about their elegance, but at the same time we provide a variety of design and colors, as well as the possibility of being up to date with the latest fashion trend. And not least, we keep all the comfort of the backpacks for women laptop.