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      Folding umbrella with print


      Folding umbrella with print


      Plain folding umbrella

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    One must try to put a brave face on it… with Misako umbrellas!

    And such a good face, because above all, enjoy to the fullest if you are one of those people who love the rain or do not want to stay at home. Don’t let anything stop you! Even with the worst weather and the worst storms you can look great with one of our Misako-inspired umbrellas. So do not hesitate, choose your favourite and always take it with you to protect from the rain. They are also folding! So they will not occupy any room and will be perfect to carry in your suitcases on your travels. Always carry them in your bag, car or work without you noticing that it takes up too much space.

    Fight the rain with flowers and prints!

    As you already know, in Misako we love prints, flowers and other prints. Therefore, our umbrellas are an ideal accessory to show our most creative part. Impossible not to fall in love with any of them! For our creations we have used bright, pastel and other more sober tones, always on hand with trends. We have given a great prominence to the moles, floral and retro finishes as well as geometric shapes and animal prints.

    Combine them with our other Misako accessories such as caps or scarves. The ideal touch for your style! You can also find more sober umbrellas in black, blue and solid colours, ideal with simplicity or looking for an umbrella for men.

    In addition, we have given a more nostalgic and flirtatious touch making a cane handle in some of them, remembering our common umbrellas but with a more delicate and stylized size. Others with a more modern finish has the simple handle with a button that not take up space.

    Resistance and softness

    The technology of our umbrellas is designed to be a long-lasting item with a simple and comfortable use. In this way, when creating a Misako umbrella, aspects such as size, weight and smoothness of the mechanisms are studied. The result is a compact, simple, resistant product with an optimal value for money.

    Besides, behind each Misako umbrella for women there is a background work, where the styles and trends are studied meticulously so you will have all the personality and style that you deserve.

    Our materials are soft and pleasant surfaces to manipulate in the handles, we play with the imitation in leather and matte refined rubber. The fabrics are totally waterproof and opaque with a lot of resistance to fade or get loose from the rods.

    Travel with umbrella

    Have you decided to visit a rainy country? It does not matter, because in Misako we love all the destinations, that's why our umbrellas are ideal to add to your luggage due to its small size and folding-mini size. Where a long umbrella could occupy too much space or not fit, our small umbrellas become an ideal resource.

    You can also combine it with many accessories with the same pattern or style from our list of products, such as suitcases, travel bags, among many other products in our store. You can even make the collection or travel set with the same pattern! Your umbrella will be your best travel companion and you will overflow style in all your photos, and not the least ... You will not get wet!

    Haven’t you seen our entire range of umbrellas yet? Do not hesitate to visit any of our stores or check our online catalogue and place your order from home. You won’t stop taking one!