Black bags

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    1. Pachu tote bag in nylon with shoulder bag
    2. Tefy mini tote bag with shoulder strap
    3. Nomi shoulder bag animal print
    4. Nom padded shoulder bag
    5. Noki mini shoulder bag for smartphone
    6. Noki small shoulder bag
    7. Jonco small shoulder bag
    8. Jonco bowling bag with shoulder strap
    9. Jonicos big shopper bag
    10. Nali mini shoulder bag for smartphone
    11. Nali party bag
    12. Nalita party bag
    13. Covachi bowling bag in nylon
    14. Cove small shoulder bag
    15. Charleston shoulder and hand bag
    16. Cacao bag

      Cacao bag

    17. Asian bag

      Asian bag

    18. Janaya shoulder bag

      Janaya shoulder bag

    19. Joey mini bag

      Joey mini bag

    20. Gales bag

      Gales bag

    21. Joey bag

      Joey bag

    22. Marras party bag

      Marras party bag

    23. Janaya small shoulder bag

      Janaya small shoulder bag

    24. Gales baguette bag

      Gales baguette bag

    25. Frati shoulder bag

      Frati shoulder bag

    26. Frati medium tote bag with shoulder strap
    27. Casati shoulder bag

      Casati shoulder bag

    28. Tweedy shoulder bag

      Tweedy shoulder bag

    29. Sequin party bag

      Sequin party bag

    30. Atreuso mini bag

      Atreuso mini bag

    31. Mairan big shopper bag

      Mairan big shopper bag

    32. Classique big shopper bag
      Last units

      Classique big shopper bag

    33. Indian small tote bag

      Indian small tote bag

    34. Acita shopper bag

      Acita shopper bag

    35. Deko shopper bag

      Deko shopper bag

    36. Kiosko bag

      Kiosko bag

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    Items 1-36 of 210

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  • A black bag is always a yes

    We bring you the most awaited selection of black bags! We know that they are your favourites and this is the best way for you to compare each model in detail and not fail in your choice.


    Shoppers, small bags, with double handle, rectangular format, half circle design, shoulder bags, mini... We have them all! Choose the one that best suits your style.



    Create your own capsule cabinet

    Have you ever heard of capsule cabinets? It is a concept that treasures timeless accessories, that is, those that will never go out of fashion and will always be a good choice.


    Creating a capsule wardrobe is synonymous with creating an infallible selection of garments and accessories where the basics prevail. The result is a minimal look that you can later enhance with some seasonal details.


    Many stylists love this ingenious way of organizing your wardrobe, a kind of Marie Kondo method that will help you get away from emotional shopping. Because these purchases will allow you to achieve perfect looks in a matter of seconds.


    So: Yes, we can say that the eternal "what do I wear?" can end if you invest in clothes and accessories for your capsule wardrobe. Zero headaches!

    If you like this concept of having everything tidy and at hand, we also recommend bag organisers, an accessory that never fails.


    The Misako’s black bags

    We wanted to make the search process easier for you and that is why, among all Misakobags, we have highlighted the black bags.


    Simple, elegant, multi-purpose and extremely easy to combine with any look. If there is a bag that deserves a place in your capsule wardrobe, that is the black bag.


    Far from what some may believe, a capsule wardrobe is not synonymous with a boring wardrobe. We advise you, if you are going to buy a basic one, to do it in your own style. A shopper for those who need more storage space, a baguette for the chicest, a shoulder strap for those who seek comfort... We have a wide variety of formats! Discover our selection and find your perfect ally.