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Many times, the purse is the great forgotten accessory. It is the one you have the most hidden, but… isn't it the most used? Avoid taking out your purse also take out the colors and admit that it is time to renew it. Find your wallet at an incredible price with the Black Friday discounts by Misako.


Purses are an indisputable part of our look. Every detail counts, just like the earrings we choose, your purse talks about you.

Entering the world of purses is more complex than it may seem at first glance. They are not all the same nor do they all have the same functionality. Each of our designs is intended for a specific profile, so you will find different sizes and formats.

As we know that the decision is not easy, take advantage of this Black Friday to get the wallet models that you like the most and not have to decide for just one.


The first thing you should consider when making any purchase is the use that you are going to give to that object so as not to fail with your choice. Therefore, we are going to give you five profiles to help you identify yours, let's go!

The organized

If you love and respect order above all else, large purses are your salvation. You will have space for absolutely all your things and different sections and compartments so that, in addition, they are perfectly organized.

And all of this does not end there, we have wallets that open fully, wallets with magnetic clip closure, coin purses with zip closure, spaced wallets and more compact ones. It all depends on the visual harmony you need, if you are organized we know that you understand perfectly what we are talking about, right?

The one who flees from extremes

Not too big, not too small. Medium purses are your thing. If you are undecided between our oversized and smaller formats, you will feel like a fish in water in this category. And this is the perfect size if you are a changeable and flexible person. One day you carry a small bag for an event, another the laptop for the office and the next day you go on a mountain excursion with a huge backpack.

You need a purse where you can put all your things, that fits in small spaces and does not get lost in large ones. And if you also need your bag, laptop or backpack, you can find them in our discount bags, our laptop carrier on Black Friday and also take advantage of our Black Friday backpack deals.

The minimalist

You are clear about it, simplicity is your thing. You run away from big hulks because you reduce everything. Small purses will undoubtedly be your great allies. You will have it all: space for coins, compartments for cards and documentation and flat pockets for bills. You can take it anywhere, even in your pocket! If, in addition, you are looking for a more masculine style in this line, we recommend that you take a look at Misako accessories for men in Black week.

The one who has order in its disorder

The purses are accessories that usually have two different uses between our buyers. As a diary purse because it really is exactly what they need or those who use it for specific moments, practical examples? To go to buy bread, for a trip, to leave a separate money... You know, specific cases in which you need to have a portable and airtight pocket.

You never know when a purse can be useful, so it is worth taking it always with you for all those "just in case" such as organizers, toiletry bags, folding bags... Accessories that you can also shop in the luggage and travel accessories category on Black Friday from Misako with great discounts.

The practical

This profile increases daily and rises like foam. And yes, we are talking about the ones that belong to the group of CARD HOLDERS. Practical, light and very cute, why not say it. These accessories are ideal when your main objective is to optimize the space in your bag or backpack (or to not carry anything and put it in your pocket!).

, sometimes, the smallest details make the difference. The card holders are perfect to carry your cards and documentation. While it is true that some include a section for coins with a zipper included, more and more people are giving up carrying physical cash.


You will love all of our Black Friday purses!

If there is something that a woman needs to always carry around when leaving home is her money and documentation. So, why not take advantage of Black Friday in Misako to choose the most beautiful and cheap way to wear it?

Black Friday Misako purses will blow your mind because you will be able to choose among your favourite ones in a big and variated catalogue: large purses, small, medium, masculine, card holders, wallet cases, women's Black Friday wallets...

Find the best purses this Black Friday in Misako!

So tell us, which group do you belong to? Choose your purse and complete your look with our fashion accessories this black week.