Although handbags have been positioned in our TOP SALES ranking, year after year suitcases and travel accessories continue to be among your favorites. And we love that you love them! Therefore, we bring you the ideal accessories for thisBlack Friday week.

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    1. Roma medium suitcase
    2. Corazon folding bag
    3. Espinaker small suitcase
    4. Espinaker-1 suitcase
    5. Mina trolley
    6. Mina medium suitcase
    7. Lili small suitcase
    8. Lili medium suitcase
    9. Lili big suitcase
    10. Leslie small suitcase
    11. Leslie medium suitcase
    12. Vita small suitcase
    13. Colonial suitcase
    14. Buhito small suitcase
    15. Buhito medium suitcase
    16. Buhito big suitcase
    17. Darli small suitcase
    18. Javea small suitcase
    19. Misako Travel Expand small suitcase
    20. Misako Travel Expand medium suitcase
    21. Pocket small suitcase
    22. Flori small suitcase
    23. Darma small suitcase
    24. Bass weekend bag trolley
    25. Franc weekend bag trolley
    26. Filafil trolley
    27. Binilus business bag
    28. Endal weekend bag
    29. Work travel bag
    30. Maica weekend bag
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    Items 1-30 of 88

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    We know that suitcases, travel bags or trolleys are always the most sought-after accessories when Black Friday arrives in Misako, but the TRAVEL category encompasses much more than that.


    We have very interesting products that, probably, have gone unnoticed and that, as soon as you get to know them a little better, they will awaken something in you.


    Traveling is an adventure, but doing it well equipped will help you enjoy the experience much better. We all know that unforeseen events happen on trips and things that we cannot control. All factors can be turned in your favor or against you in a matter of seconds. For example: a lost suitcase with an identifier is not the same as one without it, a waterproof fabric when it rains is not the same as one that is not and, of course, it is not the same to have a foldable bag when you need extra space. storage than not having it.


    Having said all this, let's review everything you can find in this wide and interesting category:



    A classic that should top this list. If Misako's bags are highly attractive, Misako's bags on Black Friday are irresistible. And this is a star accessory of the brand. We have them fun, minimalist, with prints, textures and the most classic ones you will find among the men's products on Black Friday. In addition, you can choose between three different sizes: small, medium and large. You will have your perfect suitcase depending on your style and the amount of luggage you need to take with you with a single click.



    Misako's travel bags are perfect for short breaks, although many of you have told us about other interesting uses that you have given them: as a gym bag or even as a prepartum bag! All a marvel. These are resistant products that have a double handle and include a shoulder strap, so you can carry them as you prefer. Even so, if you consider that the size is excessive, we invite you to take a look at backpacks with Black Friday discounts where you can take a spare change for your more express getaways.



    Business trips are frequent in jobs where communications and operations need and require personal and face-to-face treatment. Traveling with our technological work tools can be quite an odyssey if we do not have the practicality of a complement created for it. Trolleys are smaller and more compact suitcases that have a specific compartment so you can carry your screens safely. If you still need to carry your laptop or tablet closer to hand on your trips, we recommend our Black Friday computer briefcases.



    Now you see me, now you don't see me. Magic! That's what Misako folding bags are. Comfortable, discreet and functional products that will allow you to have extra storage space at any time. In addition, these bags have a perfect pocket so you can store your purse and thus not have to carry anything else. Of course, small format purses, do not overdo it! You can easily find these purses with Black Friday discounts in Misako.



    A well-organized trip needs and includes toiletry bags, and we tell you this in the plural because sometimes we have taken more than one, we love them! For example: hygiene products in one toiletry bag and beauty products in the other bag. Or liquid products in one toiletry bag and solid in the other. We could even add a third accessory bag (you can find all accessories with black discounts on our website).

    Discover our selection of Black Friday toiletry bags and be dazzled by the models you want, they have great discounts!



    Another product forgotten and loved by everyone who discovers it is the organizers. What do they consist of? We will tell you in a moment! It is an organizer with several pockets that will help you change your bag or backpack instantly. You can imagine it as a kind of portable interior, all advantages! Guaranteed. At Misako we have many different models that combine textures and patterns so you can find your favorite. Also, have fun combining it with our discount bags and travel matching with your luggage.